Demika Simpson will open Sol Hair Lounge this Friday
Demika Simpson will open Sol Hair Lounge this Friday Trish Bowman

Figures show Capricorn Coast businesses sky-rocketing

FOR Demika Simpson, a spur of the moment decision to open her own hairdressing salon in Yeppoon proved to be perfect timing.

Ms Simpson opened her hair salon, Sol Hair Lounge, at the start of the month and business is booming.

"I've always had that instinct that I wanted to manage but I'd never really dreamt of having a business of my own," Ms Simpson said.

"For me personally, it was just the right time and I've been only open three weeks but so far it's been great.

"There's been quite a few new clients and people I've never even seen around town before.

"In the two blocks I'm in, in the last six months there's been three or four new businesses plus my shop."

The Capricorn Coast is back in business, with a surge in commercial registrations appearing to bring the region back towards an entrepreneurial boom.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that between 2015/16 and 2016/17, 79 new businesses have been registered in the Capricorn Coast, taking the total to 2897.

Capricorn Enterprise chief executive officer Mary Carroll said, "having just under 80 new registered businesses in a 12-month period on the Capricorn Coast is certainly positive news for our local e


"Increases across a broad range of industries including health, accommodation, transport, financial services and real estate reflect population growth which has also been positive on the coast."

Of the 79 new businesses, 18 have been classified as 'other services', which includes beauty and hairdressing, diet and weight reduction, automotive repair and maintenance, domestic appliance and equipment repairs.

"We know that many of the new business registrations on the coast are sole traders, particularly in the areas of home and personal services, which seems to reflect the needs of busy workers and professionals," MsCarroll said.

This boom in numbers doesn't, however, reflect the decline in new business registrations in Rockhampton.

Within the same period, Rockhampton businesses decreased from 5245 to 5187, putting the town at a loss of 58 local businesses.

However, Capricorn Enterprise is assuring the public these numbers should not be a cause for alarm.

"We need to always consider the broader regional economy and these strong numbers on the coast continue to support the major service centre of Rockhampton," MsCarroll said.

"There is a definite lifestyle trend toward the coast, particularly by sole traders, who don't necessarily need to be based in the city."

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