Film gangs, police urge residents

AS youths walk in a gang down Tynan Street, resident Ruth Hamilton stays out of harm's way behind locked doors.

While she lives at the safer end of the street, it concerns Mrs Hamilton that her neighbours at the end closest to the Stockland shopping complex are faced with break-ins and street violence.

“I keep an eye out and we always have our doors locked. We've been living here for 50 years and it's a real concern this sort of thing is happening in our neighbourhood,” Mrs Hamilton said.

Police are urging residents in the area to record violent street behaviour and juvenile crime on their mobile phones or video cameras in a bid to help police catch those involved.

Officer-in-charge of the North Rockhampton Police Station, Senior Sergeant Murray Shields, said this evidence was vital to assist police with their investigations.

“We're calling on the public to record this behaviour from inside their homes and report as much detail to police. People need to be willing to give evidence. We have solved offences with the help of people willing to give evidence in the past,” Senior Sergeant Shields said.

He said while there hadn't been a spike in juvenile crime in Rockhampton, it was one of the more frequent concerns for police, and was an ongoing daily concern.

Senior Sergeant Shields said they had successfully charged offenders for vehicle break-ins in the area.

This month calls were made to police about children running down the streets and police tried to locate offenders.

“People need to understand they're in the vicinity of Stockland, the cinema and Hungry Jacks. Police do conduct patrols in this area,” Senior Sergeant Shields said.

Another resident in the street, who wished not to be named, said youth crime in the street had been an ongoing problem and happened any day of the week.

“We have dogs for security purposes,” he said.


Tips on how to help police solve street violence

Contact police as you see the crime taking place in your neighbourhood;

Record offending behaviour from inside your home on your mobile phone or video camera and take it to police;

If you're able to identify the address or details of the offenders, take note and report this information to police;

You will remain anonymous when reporting or providing evidence to police.

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