Sharman Adams sits precariously on Charlie Boots before beginning his downward journey.
Sharman Adams sits precariously on Charlie Boots before beginning his downward journey. Sharyn Oneill

Film star has fling

LOCAL film star Charlie Boots looks like a fairly easy going beast but on Friday night he showed his mean side as he tossed Sharman Adams to the unforgiving dirt during the Rookie Bull Ride.

Charlie Boots, a star of a film of the same name, rid himself of Adams less than halfway through his ride. While the young cowboy needed a little support from the protection athletes to make his exit from the arena there were no serious injuries to the young rider.

It was another round of the Paul Archer The Good Guys Young Guns series at the Great Western's Nissan Navara arena with greater numbers than ever wanting to try and last the eight second nightmare.

Adams was just one rider who failed to hear the eight second buzzer while in an upright position.

With a large number of competitors, the earth of the arena was regularly compacted by the falling body of a discarded cowboy.

Most dusted themselves off and looked to a better ride in the next round but Taryn Chargwin was not so lucky in the Junior Bull Ride as his bull, Dingo, trampled on him after being thrown.

Stock contractor and organiser Brian Duggan said the teenager was taken to hospital for an overnight stay with suspected bruised kidneys.

Very few cowboys mastered either bulls or horses and surprisingly one who failed was the in-form rider Trent Maguire.

Riding Black Hawk, Maguire looked comfortable for four seconds before becoming airborne and failing to gain a score.

In the Rookie section Leonard Van Nek claimed the win when he rode Buckle Up to victory.

Van Nek just pipped Bill Hargraves who had to be content with second place on Silver City.

There were some good rides in the Junior Bull Ride but very few were for the full time period.

Jesse Beak went to the wire before making his descent just 0.3 seconds before the buzzer.

Section winner was Callan Gleeson on Red Alert with 72 points.

The Steer Ride went to Mount Larcom cowboy Travis Pearson while the ever popular Poddy Ride was won by Brendan Bucholtz.

While the young cowboys did not find the bulls too friendly the horses were even less inviting.

In the Bare Back section the fast improving Clinton Frankish took the win with a score of 76 points, and he was the only one of five riders to secure any points.

It was even worst for those in the Saddle Bronc section where Rob Ingram was the only cowboy to master his equine beast out of 11 competitors.

The Barrel Race is causing plenty of interest in the Young Gun series since its introduction with wins being shared around.

On Friday it was Amy Behan who put her name forward and won the round.

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