Thommo scored this large cobia out from the islands.
Thommo scored this large cobia out from the islands.

FISHING: Flathead continue in top form

THE off-shore fishing will probably be a bit rough until mid-week next week. On a good note, there are plenty of bottom fishes and mackerel in local waters at present.

The schools of bonito and herring are still quite thick and not only do they draw in the predators, they also make good baits for future trips.

Spanish mackerel, spotted mackerel and doggies were all caught this week. Red fish, sweeties and trout were the pick of the reefies once the closure finished.

Flathead continue in top form heading towards the Christmas holidays. We have been getting quality reports from all the estuaries and even a few from Farnborough Beach.

Once again, they are a fish that can just as easily be taken from the beach, the bank or a boat.

The flatties have spread out a little more than when they were spawning a month or so ago. They have moved over a wider area but also have moved into more shallow waters and along the beaches.

You may not get the dozen or so fish from a single spot, but you can still get a couple of decent fish working the incoming tides around yabby beds, creek runoffs, beach gutters and sand banks.

Sandy Point, Corio Bay, Coorooman Creek, Long Beach, Mulambin Beach and The Causeway are all fine flathead spots that are easily accessible with a car or a boat (a day at the beach with the kids and benefits of a nice feed).

Whiting and dart are also about in numbers up the beach. Dart will take anything whiting do and they will readily grab tiny shiny lures like baby twisters or ultra small flashas.

I was watching a guy walking the beach recently casting a tiny twister, varying the retrieve each cast until he scored fish. In a session in front of Barwell’s Creek (up from Todd Avenue) he caught flathead, dart and a small blue salmon in quick succession on the same lure.

With the barramundi closed season in full swing and those of us with the addiction to feed there is still the freshwater impoundments. There are a number that have been stocked and able to be fished all year within a few hours drive of here.

Awoonga, Proserpine and Monduran are all famous for huge fish and the hot weather makes them hungry and aggressive. Remember it is illegal to target them over the closed season anywhere other than a stocked impoundment.

Thanks again to Bluefin Sports, The Secret Spot, Kalka Bait and Tackle, Rosslyn Bay Kiosk, Stanage Bay Marine and Cooee Bay Marine, the locals where you can get your photo taken or just drop yours all the up to date info each week on what is happening where. Contact me at Send your emails or photos in to be eligible for the next voucher draw.

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