GOOD CATCH: Judy Thomas with a very nice local barra.
GOOD CATCH: Judy Thomas with a very nice local barra. Contributed

FISHING: Scotty says to head to the Port and Narrows

THE floodwaters from the bad weather up north have finally reached Rockhampton. The serious muddy, weed-laden water is not much good for barra fishing.

The trick is to go well downstream out of the dirty flow. The Port Alma and The Narrows are both in much better condition than the main river.

Look for colour changes and eddies where the main stream is pushing past the small creeks and big rock bars.

Lures and plastics could be the go with not many baitfish in sight, close to the river.

The Causeway, Coorooman Creek and Corio Bay areas are also top options because they only receive localised rain events and clean up fairly quickly.

The bite periods in the smaller system are more defined.

The tide changes are very important and sometimes that is the only time they will chew.

Brenny Reed with a cap coast mangrove jack.
Brenny Reed with a cap coast mangrove jack. Contributed

King Salmon have nearly all moved downstream in the river and the bite has really slowed with this current flow. It pays to head downstream and fish the slower moving water and side creeks.

There have been some big salmon landed in The Connor's Creek area and in from Port Alma.

Live baits or vibes are doing the damage and small paddletails are a good backup. Black lures are the go in the dirty water and more natural colours in the clearer areas.

One of the tastiest species around here is grunter. We have them in the estuaries and offshore much of the time. At the moment they are building in numbers after a slow start to the year.

Catches have been improving in all of the systems except The Fitzroy River. Grunter will take various lures but By far the best choice are vibes.

Small gold metal vibes go nearly as well as plastic vibes. I still think berley and bait account for the majority of grunter taken in this region.

Wendy Dunkley landed this fine barra before a good release.
Wendy Dunkley landed this fine barra before a good release. Contributed

The few days either side of the full or new moons is prime grunter time.

We have had an atrocious run of weather for the offshore anglers over the last few months.

There were only a few opportunities to get out to the wide grounds, but when we did there were lots of quality to be had. Red emperor, largemouth nannygai, redthroat emperor, sweetlip, parrot and coral trout are in great form anytime the weather comes good.

Luckily we have The Keppel's only a short run from Yeppoon.

The lack of recent pressure has allowed numbers of bigger fish to move back in to the shallow waters and the catches have been outstanding.

There are some fine coral trout right around any of the islands headlands, coral or rocky ledges.

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