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Five held violent drunk down after TAB smash up at tavern

IT TOOK five people to pin down a man after he smashed a TAB console and television during a violent outburst in front of children on holidays at a Central Queensland beachside town.

Alex William Heming pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court today to one count of wilful damage and one of public nuisance in a licenced venue.

Police prosecutor Mark Platt said the defendant attended Agnes Water Tavern about 5.35pm on April 20 and drank alcohol with others in the front bar before getting into an argument with another patron.

He said several people tried to calm Heming down.

Mr Platt said Heming then punched the TAB machine and television, ripped out several cords of the TAB machine, and "flayed his arms and legs around wildly” as people tried to stop him.

"It required five people to hold him down,” he said.

Mr Platt said Heming told police he was a recovering ice addict.

Heming told the court he had a workplace accident late last year where a 3.5 tonne crane dropped on his foot and that he had not had drugs for four months and no alcohol since the Agnes Water incident.

Magistrate Cameron Press warned Heming he was "skating on thin ice” due to prior convictions for similar offending and told him to "clean up his act”.

Heming was sentenced to three months' prison, wholly suspended and operational for 18 months, along with a 12-month probation order. Convictions were recorded.

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