CLEAN UP DUTIES: Bruce Simpson is fed up with the inadequate drainage near his property.
CLEAN UP DUTIES: Bruce Simpson is fed up with the inadequate drainage near his property.

Flash floods wreak havoc throughout CQ

FLASH flooding wreaked havoc in Central Queensland after an intense storm swept through the region on Thursday afternoon.

Sadly, Bruce Simpson, 82, knows all the too well the damage a torrential downpour can cause.

His William Street property is often impacted following significant rainfall - and he blames the alleyway behind his house.

The alleyway, he said, was the root of all his problems, with inadequate drainage to blame.

"The drains are too small, and they get clogged up with every bit of rain," Mr Simpson said.

"The water gets to just below my knees.

"I think they need better drains. I don't know if that means making them wider, but they need to do something."

The former councillor pointed the finger at Rockhampton Regional Council for its lack of resolution.

"I was a councillor for 12 years and I remember a complaint about a lane further up which had a worse problem, and at the time we put wide slats in it to help it," he said.

Unfortunately, Mr Simpson said the issued had now become a neighbourhood one and that previous complaints made to council had fallen on deaf ears.

"We're all having to come out and shovel the drains because of all the blockages that occur," he said.

"But nothing is being done here to help us.

"The council just have to come around and have a look when it's actually flooding, then they might do something."

Mr Simpson believes that the council should use its budget to fund the amendments, however recognised that the bill would most likely fall into ratepayer's hands.

Rockhampton Regional Councilwill be approached for comment today.

The flash flooding and subsequent clean up was one of several incidents which occurred throughout the region following the downpour.

Wind gusts of up to 50kmh buffeted ­Rockhampton before the storm hit around 3.30pm, Bureau of Meteorology observations show.

A number of traffic accidents were also reported, including a nose to tail crash at the intersection of Fitzroy and Bolsover streets and a car rolling into flood water west of the city.

About 5.30pm, emergency services were called to Power Station Road at Kabra, near the Capricorn Highway overpass, just west of Bushley Road, after a vehicle came to grief in floodwater.

Two teenagers, a 17-year-old boy and a 17-year-old girl, were in the vehicle at the time of the crash and suffered minor injuries.

Residents also observed the Yeppen Lagoon area had water flowing under the Bruce Highway bridge on the southern outskirts of the city.

Westwood picked up 28mm and while only 14m (to 5pm) had fallen in the official rain gauge at Rockhampton Airport, higher totals were­ ­reported around the city.

The Bureau of Meteorology also issued a minor flood warning update for the Fitzroy catchment.

The Bureau said minor flooding was expected at Taroom yesterday afternoon, with showers and thunderstorms forecast for the area for the next few days.

The Dawson River at Taroom was expected to exceed the minor flood level (4.5m) late yesterday.

Several flood peaks were moving through the Dawson River downstream from Taroom.

Minor flooding was occurring along the Dawson river downstream of Theodore.

The Dawson River at Moura was at 5.6m and rising, with the river level at Moura likely to exceed the minor flood level (6m) late yesterday.

River level data was not available for Baralaba (manual station).

Data from the nearby Baralaba automatic station showed the level remained above the minor flood level (4m) at about 6.8m and steady.

For the lower reaches of the Fitzroy, the Bureau's river height data showed Riverslea at 6.52m, The Gap at 7.15m, Wattlebank at 6.01m, South Yaamba at 2.48m and Laurel Bank at 0.55m.

More rain is forecast today.

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