Michelle Landry.
Michelle Landry. Allan Reinikka

Landry warns money may not 'magically materialise' for levee

FLOOD mitigation does make sense Margaret, but we still don't have the money for a flood levee in Rockhampton.

That was the message from Capricornia MP Michelle Landry after Rockhampton Mayor Margaret Strelow voiced the case she plans to present to a productivity commission inquiry into natural disaster funding arrangements.

The commission is looking at the sustainability and effectiveness of current arrangements for funding natural disaster mitigation, and resilience and recovery initiatives. Among the proposals is lowering Commonwealth contributions from the existing 75% to either 25% or 33%, with state and local governments to share the remaining costs.

Cr Strelow argues that if the Federal Government does not help fund the proposed South Rockhampton Flood Levee, then the council should not be expected to pay more for future flood clean-ups.

Ms Landry warned that, even in light of the current review, money would not "magically" materialise for the levee.

And she said the council could blame the Labor government for that.

"We agree with the Rockhampton Mayor that it does make a lot of sense that if we can spend money putting things in place to reduce the impact of a disaster beforehand, then money expected from the Federal Government to meet the repair costs will be much less in the aftermath," Ms Landry said.

"But I have already said clearly, in the short term, the Federal Government has no extra money for the levee bank at Depot Hill.

"If we did not have Labor's $1billion interest bill each month, there might have been more money. So those in city hall in favour of the levee bank can blame Labor debt.

"I don't know how to spell it out any clearer to the Mayor... there is no money in the bucket right now to contribute to a levee bank."

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