Residents urged: prepare for flood

The Fitzroy River level at 10:50am yesterday.
The Fitzroy River level at 10:50am yesterday. Allan Reinikka

ROCKHAMPTON residents living in flood-prone areas are urged to prepare their homes for a 7.8 metre flood peak expected early next week.

The latest advice indicates the Fitzroy River will peak slightly higher than originally predicted.

Rockhampton Regional Council mayor, Cr Brad Carter, said on advice received and hydraulic modelling completed yesterday morning, the Fitzroy was expected to peak at 7.8m.

“Traditionally at a peak of 7.5m Lakes Creek Road will be partially closed in places with detours put in place, there will be water inundation to suburbs of Port Curtis, Depot Hill and surrounds, Koongal, areas close to the River in Park Avenue, Wandal and Kawana, and there is a chance that water could break through at Pink Lilly,” Cr Carter said. “Due to the amount of water coming through the river system it will take a number of days for water to recede and for the level of the Fitzroy River to drop.

“In 2008, within 24 hours of the river peaking it started to go down, this time due to the volume of water coming down the Fitzroy River we expect that it will be a longer and flatter peak next week.

“This will mean that the water inundation of low-lying areas will remain for a number of days before water starts to recede,” he said.

As a precaution the Local Disaster Management Group will open the Disaster Co-ordination Centre from this weekend to allow affected residents and isolated communities a central point of contact.

With flood preparations and warning advice underway across the district, Cr Carter said depending on the rain, levels had the potential to rise even higher.

“This is a significantly high level, a bit higher than the 2008 floods, but we can't be precise at this stage. I urge residents to prepare for the potential risk high flood levels have on low-lying properties,” Cr Carter said.

He said the disaster group would re-deploy flood barriers so they're available in the region to protect important infrastructure from damaging flood waters if necessary.

Officers started door-knocking today in areas known to flood, and before the end of the week council will place markers on telegraph poles indicating an 8m peak.

Cr Carter said it was vital residents stayed clear of potentially deadly flood waters.

When the disaster group meet again tomorrow, they will discuss plans for temporary livestock shelters.

He said another issue was the potential for some properties and outlying homesteads to become isolated.

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