Derby Street looking towards the Range with the Walter Reid Warehouse on the right during the 1918 Rockhampton flood.
Derby Street looking towards the Range with the Walter Reid Warehouse on the right during the 1918 Rockhampton flood.

Flood waters slowly recede (1918)

Tuesday 12th February 1918


THE Fitzroy River at Rockhampton is still falling very slowly, the reading at eight o'clock, yesterday morning being 28 ft. 3 in. above low water of ordinary spring tide. At half-past eight o'clock last night it was 28 ft. At Yaamba it was 51 ft. 5 in. above summer level at 9 am. yesterday and was going down at the rate of 3 in. per hour. The other rivers are falling rapidly. The advices yesterday were: Comet, 3 pm. 41 ft. 7 in., falling 2 in. per hour; Dawson River at Boolburra, 3 pm., 39 ft. 4 in., falling 3 in. per hour.

The tail end of a gale was experienced in Rockhampton yesterday morning. The barometric readings were somewhat low in the morning, but improved as the day wore on. It is stated that the wind blew very strongly at Yeppoon, Emu Park, Sea Hill and Broadmount. An abnormal tide prevailed at Port Alma yesterday morning. It is stated to have been the biggest experienced there for eighteen years. The Foreman of Works, Mr. J.C. Dobbs, states that Sunday's clean-up of dead frogs totalled the abnormal quantity of 500 gallons.

A number of women and children accommodated at the centrally situated institutions have returned to their homes; but comparatively few men have yet quitted the Soldiers' Rest and Recreation Rooms, where 100 are accommodated.

To signify his gratitude Mr. Yarwood gave one pound to Mrs. C. Harden, who is in charge of the School of Arts, for the relief afforded his wife and family. For the inmates in St. Paul's School-room the Mayoress, Mrs. T.W. Kingel, has received a box of bananas from Mr. F. Braithwaite and a case of pineapples from Mrs. B Finlay, both of Yeppoon, and boots from Mr. W.S.A. Hunter, with the use of two sewing machines from the Red Cross Society.


PUMPING operations, under the direction of the manager of the Rockhampton Gas Company, Mr. E.J. Lord, have been in progress continuously since Saturday morning, and as soon as the whole of the water has been got out of the mains, the supply of gas will be restored, provided, of course, that there are no unforeseen difficulties. Everything at the works is in readiness for a start as soon as the mains are free of water.

The water supply was restored yesterday morning; but there was an interruption owing to damage to the rising main which carries the water from the pumps to the reservoir.

The pipe had been shifted by a huge washout. A similar washout occurred in the vicinity, but it did not damage the main. The trouble, it is expected, will be remedied before this morning.


THE southern passengers and mail service was continued yesterday via Port Alma and Broadmount, the Marine Department's steamer Llewellyn plying between the two ports.

A train for Broadmount, with southern passengers and mails, will leave the Stanley Street railway station at a quarter to

seven o'clock this morning, the Llewellyn making the trip across to Port Alma again.

Owing to the fall in the water between Rockhampton and Gracemere and the consequent risk to boats between these points, only a limited number of male passengers for Mount Morgan will be boated over today, leaving the end of the Upper Dawson Road at 3.30 am, and 2 pm. Small letter mails will also be taken across.

Under no circumstances will women and children be carried.

Yesterday morning the water was 6 ft. over the Alton Downs Railway at the Lions Creek Bridge. The Central Railway from Rockhampton to Yeppen was clear yesterday morning; but the bank had been washed out for a few chains between Yeppen and the bridge.

Owing to the strong current running, however, a full inspection of the damage could not be made.

If possible, temporary repairs will be effected today.

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