Dr Adam Keith Rose
Dr Adam Keith Rose

Flowing good research leads a pathway to PhD success

Slow the flow, bro! That's the credos that got Dr Adam Keith Rose through the long journey to his PHD.

His specialty is Australian rivers and for his thesis, he studied the Baffle Creek system, just south of Agnes Water.

Dr Rose said it is the last unregulated system in the southern Great Barrier Reef area.

"It really gives us an appreciation of how a natural system should work," he said.

His long list of academia contribution tied in with his studies as he worked towards his PHD which he recieved on Friday.

He has published a paper on the nutrient metal cycle of a natural river system.

He also discovered a toxic algae able to grow in drinking water, and in the dark.

Dr Rose worked on a sister document which was a risk assessment of drinking water supplies for the World Health Organisation.

"In 2011, we had 7,600 Sydney harbours fresh water exit the (Fitzroy) system which should have soaked into the system," he said.

"We had a billion kilograms of sediment."

Dr Rose said slowing the flow of the river system would improve the biodiversity, carbon and the condition of the reef.

According to Dr Rose, clearing and de-snagging of the Fitzroy have led to its increased flow.

He said the increased flow of the Fitzroy has altered the breeding behaviour of the barramundi and impacted fish stocks.

"Slow the flow and give back the barra his mojo," he said.

As for his time at CQUniversity, Dr Rose said "I wouldn't have gone all the way through to do a PHD if it wasn't top shelf.

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