Fluoride flows freely on Friday

FRIDAY is F Day – the day when the first fluoridated water will flow through Rockhampton’s taps.

And, for some anti-fluoride campaigners, a day to be feared.

Cr Glenda Mather, who protested long and hard against the introduction of fluoride since the idea was first mooted, vowed yesterday to keep the pressure on state politicians.

“I don’t think this is over by a long way,” she said.

“The last poll suggested 80% of Queenslanders were against it.”

Cr Mather said she would campaign to hold Anna Bligh and her government to account at the next election.

“There are lots of people who are absolutely distraught about this issue and I think Friday will knock another nail in the coffin of this government.

“Anna Bligh has not listened to the people. She ignores the wishes of the people who put her in power and I will work to make sure people don’t forget what she’s done.”

She said there were hundreds of people in the region with chemical sensitivity who were horrified and frightened about what was going to happen to them from Friday when the chemical will be added to the water supply in Rockhampton, Gracemere and The Caves.

Residents at the Capricorn Coast will be drinking fluoridated water before the end of the year.

“People are angry and asking why we are wasting $30 million on a mass medication program that will cause harm to so many. The state is poor, broke and selling off its assets, yet is pouring all this money away.”

Cr Mather has paid for full-page advertisements in local newspapers to get her argument across that fluoridation is a violation of individual human rights. She believes the addition of fluoride will lead to dental fluorosis in children, where the enamel becomes weak and pitted.

Fitzroy River Water confirmed yesterday that it was on schedule to install equipment to meet the State Government’s deadline of next Friday for Rockhampton, The Caves and Gracemere, despite a four-week delay in delivery of the system.

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