For 24 years Brett’s been living next door to a poisoned chalice

BRETT Geissmann’s Lamberton Street home in residential Yeppoon is surrounded by bushland.

It has been that way for the 24 years he has lived there.

The problem is, he says, during that time authorities have never done any form of vegetation management.

Mr Geissmann is very concerned about the level of overgrowth and how close that is to homes in the street and his fears have been elevated by the current bushfire emergency.

After visiting the street, seeing is believing and it’s easy to understand where Mr Geissmann’s worries stem from.

On Monday after hearing about the Cobraball bushfire situation, the Rolleston crane driver downed tools and rushed back to Yeppoon to be with his wife and daughter.

“The bushland has never been cleaned up and now it has become a real hazard to everyone in the area,” Mr Geissmann said on Wednesday.

“It’s not only my house that’s at risk, but those up the street and down the street from me as well.

“The mountain ridge we live on goes right back to Pacific Heights and Browns Lane, and the fires are still going out there.

“It’s only going to take hot embers to come across Panorama Drive with a north-westerly wind behind it and there’s nothing in place to stop the fire going right through here towards the middle of Yeppoon.

“There’s no fire breaks, there’s nothing.”

Mr Geissmann said he had raised his concerns with Livingstone Shire Council, which owns the bushland directly surrounding his and other Lamberton Street homes, numerous times over many years.

His latest visit to council headquarters was on Tuesday.

“When you look at the bushland and how it encroaches onto our properties, they (council) don’t seem to be too worried about the safety of people in this residential area.

“Over the last five years I’ve rung the council, I’ve been down to the council several times.

“Yesterday (Tuesday) they refused to actually tell me who owned the land (of concern) saying they could not disclose that information.

“That should be public knowledge.”

It is. On Wednesday a Livingstone Shire Council spokesperson said the council, in consultation with Queensland Fire and Emergency Service, undertook fire risk assessments of all council-managed land in late 2017.

“The bushland in question was assessed as low fire risk due to the vegetation type.

“Council will continue to review this bushland and other council control managed land as resources allow.”

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