A pretty healthy sized fingermark nailed by Graham Edmunds recently.
A pretty healthy sized fingermark nailed by Graham Edmunds recently.

Forecast ain't great, but offshore could be better

THE forecast for this week isn't any better than last week for Friday and Saturday however things then flatten out on Sunday to the point that could make offshore trips very viable.

A small afternoon high with the run in nearly all day is exactly the recipe for good reef catches. The smaller run gives you a longer drift period where the bait stays in the zone and allows lighter leads to be used which is always a bonus

There has been a lot of talk to and fro about the net free zones and whether they are working or not and yes the stats show we are having a bumper season with both amount and quality of barra caught. I stayed out of the original argument due to friends on either side of the debate however there is no denying the effect The NFZ has had on all of the local water ways.

The salmon and barras in every estuary have increased dramatically in a short time. The worrying thing for me is the lack of decent rain when it is needed for the fingerlings to get up into the fresh to grow out in a relatively safe area and come back into the salt when they have whacked on a few kilos. Last year was very dry so hopefully we get some good rain towards the end of this year to make the whole effort worthwhile. #NFZ

With the positive comes the negative. In recent weeks there has been a number of people on the river bank catching undersize fish, filleting them and disposing of the frames to minimize the risk of getting caught. When approached they claimed not to speak English and tried to hide what they were doing.

The second one was a couple of fellows near the harbour took two well over fish and bolted away fairly quickly. The photos of the guys including one with a massive barra were given to fisheries. Unfortunately, their vehicle and rego numbers weren't collected. If you see anything like this happening, please get all the details. This sort of thing can be the undoing of the work put in to make our fishery better.

The key to more productive fishing can be as simple as having your fish finder set properly and you knowing how to read it. I always say especially to the offshore guys that watching the sounder will reward you over and over again. Many people are to intent with getting to the never fail spot and may run over the best spots they have ever seen in the process.

We allow hours each trip for prospecting new locations. Some of the most successful local anglers will spend whole days scoping new locations without touching any fishing gear. When the time comes that they need to produce the goods they know exactly where to go.

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