Facebook image of Paul Crowley
Facebook image of Paul Crowley

Disgraced lawyer ‘snatched, molested’ girl

A PEDOPHILE and disgraced former lawyer from a distinguished Brisbane family is accused of snatching a four-year-old girl from her bed at night and molesting her while on bail, serving a suspended sentence and on parole.

The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, allegedly told her mother that Paul John Crowley, 51, from Toowong and Biddaddaba in the Scenic Rim, "took me outside beside the garage, pulled my pants down touched my bum and my parts" and that he "spanked" her bottom and her genitals.

She told her mother that Crowley, who had been staying overnight, grabbed her by the foot and pulled her out of bed in the early hours of September 25 last year.

Details of the claims were revealed in Brisbane Supreme Court on Wednesday when Crowley - a father of four and the son of a former acting chairman of Queensland's former Criminal Justice Commission - made an unsuccessful application for bail before Justice Peter Davis.

Crowley, the brother of criminal barrister Joseph Crowley, has been in custody since October 5, when he was charged with indecent treatment of the four-year-old and supplying alcohol to the girl's 15-year-old aunt.

At the time Crowley is alleged to have molested the four-year-old, he was on bail on charges of helping bikies launder drug money, and serving a suspended sentence for his 2016 child molestation offence, on probation and on parole for five breaches of bail, Crown prosecutor Evan O'Hanlon-Rose said.

Facebook image of Paul Crowley
Facebook image of Paul Crowley

Mr O'Hanlon-Rose argued Crowley should not be freed on bail to live with his father James Crowley QC, because Crowley Jr was a "danger particularly to children" and the allegations that he gave the 15-year-old a drink were "quite similar" to the circumstances of his 2016 conviction for child molestation.

In 2016 Crowley was convicted of molesting a 13-year-old girl after meeting her mother on a dating website, admitting he held her down while he squeezed her breast and kissed her on the lips after plying her with rum and Coke.

The court was also told Crowley was sentenced to 10 years' jail and struck off as a solicitor 17 years ago after losing $4 million of his clients' money.

Justice Davis, who told the court he knows Crowley's brother Joseph "quite well socially", criticised the police for failing to attend the four-year-old girl's home to interview her.

Instead, four days after the sleepover the girl's mother asked her daughter if Crowley had touched her.

Justice Davis said the girl's account was uncorroborated, and the prosecution case was weak but he conceded the jury "might just accept what the little girl says".

The court heard the girl said that after the alleged assault Crowley returned her to her mother's bed, where the mother and aunt were sleeping, without waking them.

Justice Davis refused bail, saying Crowley may reoffend because he was still an alcoholic who acted spontaneously.




Facebook image of Paul Crowley
Facebook image of Paul Crowley

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