Dylan Shane Vernon-Hall, 22, of Pialba.
Dylan Shane Vernon-Hall, 22, of Pialba. Facebook

Renter trashes home and harasses ex housemate

A FORMER tenant of a Torquay home trashed the property after he was evicted.

Dylan Shane Vernon-Hall, 22, of Pialba, was going to his former residency to pick up his belongings on May 26 but threw a tantrum when he couldn't find some of his stuff, a court has heard.

He then harassed his former housemate by sending about 160 text messages in a matter of hours, some of which were threatening.

Vernon-Hall pleaded guilty in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court to wilful damage and using a carriage service to harass.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Kathryn Stagoll said Vernon-Hall did "significant" damage to the property.

"He put a hole in the ensuite bathroom door, a hole in his bedroom wall, pulled the cupboard door off the hinges of the bathroom, and put a hole in a set of drawers," Sgt Stagoll said.

"He was asked to move out and was not happy with that situation."

Vernon-Hall's defence lawyer Warren Hunter said the items the young man could not locate included sentimental furniture and the ashes of his father.

"He was acting out of anger because of the situation," Mr Hunter said.

"It doesn't excuse his actions but perhaps explains as to why he behaved in which he did."

Upon hearing the circumstance, Magistrate Stephen Guttridge said "160 messages is a lot" referring to the harassment that followed.

To which Mr Hunter agreed saying: "I can't imagine doing that over one night." He was convicted and fined $750.

Vernon-Hall appeared in Hervey Bay District Court yesterday for two breaches of a suspended sentence.

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