BUSINESS HIT: A piece of concrete was used to smash glass of Cranston's Pies shop and a juvenile gained entry and caused more damage. The damage bill was $5000.
BUSINESS HIT: A piece of concrete was used to smash glass of Cranston's Pies shop and a juvenile gained entry and caused more damage. The damage bill was $5000. Allan Reinikka ROK120418acransto

Four teens, 18 offence incidents, about 100 charges

STUDENT artwork was among the items destroyed when two juveniles went on an arson spree through a Rockhampton high school last year that caused over $148,000 of damage.

This week, two young males were sentenced for those crimes, along with other crimes committed with two other young male associates.

The four juveniles, aged 13 to 17, were sentenced in Rockhampton District Court for an array of offences including arson, burglary, attempted robbery, break and enter, unlawful use of motor vehicles, wilful damage, public nuisance, theft and assault.

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Crown prosecutor Tiffany Lawrence said Master B and Master C were involved in the school arson with Master C putting a jumper on the ground and setting it on fire before setting on fire rubbish from a bin.

Ms Lawrence said the pair tipped liquid on air conditioning boxes and set them alight.

She said they also burnt scrubs and smashed the front windows of the art building.

"They were able to open the locked door," she said.

"They both set fire to artworks inside."

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Ms Lawrence said afterwards, they tried to access the special education building.

She said Master C told the presentence report writer he had a disagreement with school staff and had gone to the school to trespass for fun, but had not intended to do damage.

She said he told the report writer it was only after the pair found flammable glue in a construction site that they decided to light the fires.

The damage bill was $148,682 with 20 photographs of the damage tendered in court.

Master C was also involved in an attempted armed robbery with Masters A and D on July 30, 2018, at 1.15am.

The court was told the trio approached a man on his way to gym and Master A threatened the man, first with a pocket knife and then with Master C's bigger knife.

Ms Lawrence said Master A asked the victim for his wallet and threatened to kill him by stabbing him in the neck, and the victim fought back and the juveniles ran off.

One of the juveniles was taken into custody the same day and wrote names and dates on a cell wall in the watchhouse.

Judge Ian Dearden said everyone was entitled to walk the streets at any time of day or night without fear of being attacked.

Master A committed burglary on September 13 by breaking into a disabled man's home and stealing two televisions.

Master D, who had multiple unlawful use of motor vehicle charges, also rode a scooter through Stockland Rockhampton on July 21, knocking over shop displays and swearing at security. He left and returned later to continuing yelling at security and kicked a glass door.

Ms Lawrence said Master A kicked star pickets at a construction site on July 27 with a witness telling him to stop. The juvenile approached the witness's car and told them to get out.

The witness got out and the juvenile threatened to bash him but ultimately fled.

On July 28, Master A committed wilful damage after an argument with a friend over cigarettes.

"He became angry and aggressive," Ms Lawrence said.

"He used his hands to rip the plaster off the walls of the house.

"And as he left, he picked up a brick and threw it through windows, smashing them."

Master D broke into Cranston's Pies by smashing the drive-thru window with a piece of concrete on January 6, 2019.

He then entered the food shop and cracked the glass doors of the fridge doors. Master D also tried to steal the cash register, damaging it.

The total damage bill at Cranston's was $5000.

"I know all four of you have had a tough life," Judge Dearden said.

"None of you got a choice in the cards that have been dealt to you in your life, but understand this - each of you still have a choice from today."

He urged them to take advantage of the sentences he imposed - nine months detention with immediate conditional release orders for each and no convictions recorded.

Master A had spent 47 days in a detention centre prior to sentencing, Master B spent 22 days in presentence custody, Master C one day and Master D 179 days.

Offences timeline

  • July 21, 2018, Master D committed two public nuisance offences at Stockland Rockhampton
  • July 27, Master A committed public nuisance at a construction site
  • July 28, Master A committed wilful damage after being in argument with a friend over cigarettes and threw a brick through a window
  • July 30, 1.15am, attempted armed robbery of man going to the gym
  • August 26, Master D gained a stolen credit card and went on a shopping spree, spending $149.50
  • August 29, Masters B and C trespassed and committed arson at a Rockhampton school
  • September 1, Master D received another stolen credit card and used it three times spending $136
  • On the same day, he and others entered a car and used an incorrect key to try and start it, causing significant damage to the barrel lock, and rolled the car down the driveway.
  • September 12, Master D was visited by police who found him in possession of cannabis, scissors and scales
  • September 13, Master A committed burglary by breaking into a disabled man's home and stealing two televisions
  • September 16, Master D broke into a house, stole $700 cash, car keys and a black car. He and others then drove the stolen car while others broke into other cars in the street, stealing tools, cash and a LED torch
  • September 18, Master D used a slingshot to shatter a glass panel at Stockland
  • October 23, Master A committed burglary when squatting, stealing an electric mulcher and a modem
  • January 6, 2019, Master D broke into Cranston Pies and caused $5000 damage inside
  • January 13, 2019, Master D scratched his name on watch house walls
  • February 3, Master A assaulted his stepfather after accusing him of hurting his younger brother
  • March 14, Master D was one of four juveniles who drove a Ford Ranger stolen from Hastings Deering
  • March 31, Master D and four others stole a van from Guppy's Early Learning Centre in Berserker and then stole $39.44 of diesel

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