Jack Orgill at 2016's Come and Try Day.
Jack Orgill at 2016's Come and Try Day. Tony Clark

Free 'come and try' motocross event draws in Rocky rev-heads

FOR all those who have ever longed for the thrill of tearing through dirt tracks and burning rubber, this weekend could be just what you've been waiting for.

The Rockhampton and District Motocross Club's annual free 'Come and Try Day' has pulled in Rocky's own adrenaline junkies over the years, and this year is set to be no different.

Located at the club's race track on Six Mile Rd, Pink Lily, the event is back with gusto after a break last year, and club officials are eager to pull in a fresh new cohort of trial blazers.

"We're always trying to get more involvement in the sport and trying to let new comers know we are actually here,” club president Peter Dark said.

"It is a registered venue covered by insurance so even if - heaven forbid - you hurt yourself, you're covered. That's a guarantee.

"It's a safe, fun environment where everyone is going in the same direction in a controlled environment.

"There are always officials on hand to help out if something should go wrong.”

This Saturday's event will hold three different age groups, ranging from four years old to "as old as you feel comfortable”.

From 8-11am, children aged four up to primary school children will be racing.

From 11am-2pm, high school racers will hit the track, and from 2-5pm, seniors aged 16 years and older will race.

The event is intended as a fun and non-competitive day, where "first timers that have never held a motorcycle license before” are encouraged to come race.

Terry Schuller at 2016's Come and Try Day.
Terry Schuller at 2016's Come and Try Day. Tony Clark

"We aim to nurture kids and help them improve,” Mr Dark said.

"It's great to see newcomers come and experience our sport. They don't have to continue and race professionally, just come and enjoy and get a free 90-day license which will entitle them to come practise in the future for 90 days.

"It's great for self belief - which is the biggest thing - participation, getting kids out and active and it's a great time.”

Mr Dark hoped the event would attract the same numbers as 2016, which brought in 65 newcomers, and a handful of new registrations with the club.

Depending on timing and the club's race calendar for each season, Mr Dark hopes to continue the 'Come and Try Day' on as an annual event.

Riders may even notice a few familiar faces at the event this weekend.

Local races, Mitchell Dart and Aaron Hutton - who have raced for "15 to 20 years” - will be there to help out on the day.

"Everyone comes back from the track with a smile on their face,” Mr Dark said.

"The camaraderie in the pits area is excellent and there's never any disagreements between the riders. It's a great community.

"Everyone helps each other out. I've been an official for 15 years and the amount of times I've seen riders stop racing to pick up mates on the track and ride on has been amazing.

"It also teaches kids future life lessons as well.

"You never leave your mate behind.”

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