From barbells to bed

CONTINUING my training with Shawn Power of PT Power this week I was introduced to Tabata, a style of high-intensity interval training founded in Japan by Izumi Tabata which works both the aerobic and anaerobic systems and sounds like a spicy rice dish.

After an intense warm-up of punches on the pads I did a series of upper body exercises such as upright rows and bicep curls using barbells.

The Tabata method involves lifting for 20 seconds and resting for 10 seconds repeated continuously for four minutes and this cycle is repeated eight times at an ultra-intense level.

My chit-chat certainly slowed as I advanced.

The main thing I like about training with Shawn is his motivating style.

I love a chat and throughout the workout we discussed the inner opponent and how this can defeat your most concerted efforts.

If you talk to anyone who has succeeded in major life change they all agree it is the mental challenge that is hardest to achieve but the crux of their achievement.

The next day my muscles felt well and truly Tabataed but the best thing was that night I slumbered in my brand new bed and Sealy pillow top mattress.

My old bed had cost me $20 at the Coast Guard shop in Emu Park five years ago and had served me well, but this is pure luxury.

Buying a new bed was difficult decision and after testing mattresses all over the region I purchased it from PAM Furnishings in Yeppoon.

Much to my joy they delivered and set up the bed for me with friendly banter all free.

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