Jacob Wright.
Jacob Wright. Alistair Brightman

'Shot in leg, dumped in paddock': Ice addict's transformation

SHOT in the leg, lying in a pool of blood from a brutal bashing and dumped in a paddock - all over a drug debt.

This was Jacob Wright's life only a few years ago before he entered into the Bayside Transformations rehabilitation program.

At 19, Jacob has already spent almost six months in prison because of the downward spiral from his ice and GHB addiction.

The Sunbury lad began using with mates at 14.

Jacob can still remember sitting in the gutter crying because he found himself not about to stop even when his mother was suicidal.

"I felt a lot of shame in about that... because I can't stop thinking 'she is going to kill herself because I am killing myself'," he said.

After trying to detox unsuccessfully a few times, Jacob's youth worker found him a place at Bayside Transformations 30 hours after being released from prison.

He spent the first few weeks planning his escape until one of the house leaders broke through to him.

A few months into the program Jacob found out he is a father.

"That was a big turning point for me," he said.

His son, Logan, is nine months now and is recovering from a brain tumour.

In November Jacob will go to work as a house supervisor in a Transformations in Melbourne.

"Bayside Transformations has saved my life, can't thank them enough. Given my son a dad, given my family me back, giving myself me back," he said.

You can hear more of these stories and find out how to support the organisation making a difference at their major Spring Gala fundraiser next Friday, September 27.

The event will be held at the Brolga Theatre and includes House Rules brothers Josh and Brandon as guest speakers and entertainment by popular band Soul City.

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