VIDEO: Funeral director ink-spired with life and death theme

LIKE many teenagers before him, Bryan Perry wanted to mark his moment of reaching the age of 18 with ink.

A tribal tattoo decorating his right bicep would commemorate that achievement of adulthood.

"I got the tattoo because I wanted 'a' tattoo," he shamefully smirked.

"I wasn't overly concerned as to what sort (of tattoo), I just wanted one. At the time tribal designs were quite popular and so I went with that."

It would be close to 12 months later before Bryan set foot inside a tattoo studio to get his next lot of ink.

His second visit would be much more carefully planned.

Inspired by his line of work, as the funeral director of Quality Cremations, Bryan felt compelled to turn his body into a mural of religious imagery combined with illustrations of life and death.

Bryan explained: "It was after my second tattoo that I decided I would keep going and continue the sittings.

"My job has made me quite passionate of my tattoos, which express the message 'that life is short and to gain an appreciation for the things you have'."

Pointing carefully to several parts of his body, Bryan counts the number of sittings he has had so far.

"I've had 16 sittings since my first tattoo," he said.

"Thirty-six hours have been on the artwork on my leg and 39 hours on my torso and arm."

So what does he do to pass the time while he's getting inked?

"I talk about my profession a lot," he laughed. "It's a great topic of conversation.

"I've been going to the same tattoo artist for many years now and over time I've built a good friendship with him."

Bryan said he often planned family trips around his next session, travelling to the Gold Coast where his artist lives.

Bryan's calves, arm and right part of his torso portray a detailed and inspiring montage of life and death, but he's not finished yet.

He plans on creating something truly special for his back - a memorial to his family and close friends that only they will truly understand.

Of the tattoos he has gotten so far, Bryan is no stranger to pain.

He judged the most painful part of his body as a nine out of 10 - his sternum.

That was closely followed by his foot and fingers.

"Anywhere where there's bone will tend to hurt a tad more," Bryan said.

"I hate the pain, but love seeing the result in the end.

"For me, it's not just about the tattoo, it's the whole experience of going down and catching up with your tattoo artist and seeing an image come to life on your skin."

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