Funeral director tells why body was 'switched' from coffin

Funeral director Tony Hart from Harts Family Funerals.
Funeral director Tony Hart from Harts Family Funerals.

A FUNERAL director under investigation for allegedly swapping the casket of a dead grandma has claimed he performed the swap to save her coffin from cracking in cold conditions.

Tony Hart yesterday told The Courier-Mail his company, Harts Family Funerals, only transferred the body of Janice Cecilia Valigura into a cheap pine coffin to save the real coffin from cracking.

Distraught family members of the 74-year-old woman, including son Mick Valigura, only discovered the swap when they went to say their goodbyes at a crematorium the day after the funeral.

The original $1700 coffin.
The original $1700 coffin.

Breaking his silence yesterday, Mr Hart said a delay at the crematorium meant Ms Valigura's coffin had to be returned to a freezer before the cremation.

He claimed the change of temperature would have cracked the $1700 heavily lacquered coffin so it was put in a transfer shell.

"The coffin she was cremated in was the same one that the family bought," he said.

Mr Hart denied ever cremating someone in a different coffin to the one their family had paid for, and also denied ever re-using a coffin.

The $100 pine box.
The $100 pine box.

Police yesterday executed a search warrant at the Rockhampton funeral home as part of a fraud investigation.

Detectives raided the funeral home about 3pm, with two returning later in the day.

Fitzroy Funerals director Colin Dean raised the alarm about the swap when he visited the crematorium and noticed the cheap transfer shell seemingly waiting to be incinerated.

"The flowers on top of it were worth more than the entire coffin," he said.

He said he'd heard rumours of coffins being swapped between funeral and cremation and was staggered when he realised what was happening.

Janice Valigura’s niece Kerry Rothery and son Mick Valigura.
Janice Valigura’s niece Kerry Rothery and son Mick Valigura.

The funeral company listed on Ms Valigura's death notice was Mount Morgan Funerals, a division of Mr Hart's company, but director Carol Glover said her company had no role in the funeral and did not know why it appeared on the death notice.

"The family contacted us then we passed it back to Harts Family Funerals," she said.

She said she had never moved a body out of a coffin after a funeral.

"Once the family has selected the coffin that they want for their loved one, that's the one they were placed in and that's the one they stayed in for the whole time," she said.

Detective Sergeant Craig Strohfeldt addressed media on Thursday about Harts Family Funerals coffin-swapping allegations.
Detective Sergeant Craig Strohfeldt addressed media on Thursday about Harts Family Funerals coffin-swapping allegations. Steph Allen

The state's peak funeral directors body expressed their sympathy to the Valiguras and called on the State Government to do more around funeral home licensing.

The Office of Fair Trading said a voluntary code of conduct had been established in 2013 to "promote best practice", but Queensland Funeral Directors Association head Anton Brown said more had to be done.

"The QFDA has, for years, been corresponding with Government (in office) and getting nowhere.

"The QFDA has been requesting all funeral homes be licensed, however, the Government has not adhered to our frequent requests."

Mr Brown said compulsory licensing measures would give the government greater control over regulating the industry. Mr Brown said he hoped the family would get some peace of mind following an investigation.

An OFT spokesperson said no official complaint had been made to them though they were aware of the matter.

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