FISHY BEHAVIOUR: This fisherman was in breach of the 400m exclusion zone.
FISHY BEHAVIOUR: This fisherman was in breach of the 400m exclusion zone.

Fury as fishing laws flouted on Fitzroy river near barrage

A BOAT operator was caught on camera inside the 400m exclusion zone at the barrage on the Fitzroy River last week.

The fisherman was fishing inside the legal limit of 400m at the barrage.

And he has angered a number of fishermen by being inside the exclusion zone.

Keen fisherman Peter Callow said he was upset by the rogue fisherman's behaviour.

"We have these laws in place to protect the fish at the barrage and the fish ladder and to protect ourselves as well," Mr Callow said.

"As this guy made his way up the river toward the barrage a number of people on the bank were yelling at him not to go inside the exclusion zone but he just snubbed his nose at them and kept going.

"He then trolled up and down the barrage for the next hour so catching a lot of fish.

"The other danger is that a lot of the bigger fish are females and they have come out of the salt water and entered the river to have a feed and a rest before starting to breed.

"He could have been taking the breeding females and that's just not on."

"We were disappointed to see this one fellow fishing inside the closed area at the barrage," the Bulletin's fishing writer Scott Lynch said in his recent column.

"There is no excuse with signs and all the publicity about the barrage area being 'no fishing'."

Fitzroy River Water controls the barrage on behalf of the Rockhampton Regional Council.

Meanwhile, Fisheries Queensland has sent two new officers to Yeppoon to help enforce fishing laws.

The Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol manager Ian Fricke said most fishermen do the right thing and obey the law.

"But for a small few who choose not to, we will catch them," Mr Fricke said.

"Our officers undertake random and targeted patrols, inspections and surveillance services and work closely with the water police."

The barrage gates are controlled automatically to open and close as required to maintain the upstream storage level at a pre-determined level in accordance with the Queensland Government regulated operating rules for the barrage storage.

If you see anyone involved in illegal fishing you can call Fishwatch on 1800 017 116 and you can remain anonymous if you wish.


Fishermen are not allowed to bring their boats within 400m of the barrage.

Fines up to $2000

Verbal warning system

No fishing allowed from river bank or boat upstream or downstream within 400m

CCTV security cameras and spotlights

Warning signs

Regular patrols.

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