Future Indigenous leaders emerge from week-long course

L-R: Dakota Conlon, Jakai Glover, Tarryn Cora, Robson Wovat and Wyatt Warcon
L-R: Dakota Conlon, Jakai Glover, Tarryn Cora, Robson Wovat and Wyatt Warcon Sean Fox

ROCKY'S Robson Wovat proudly watched the students he mentored graduate from the BROLGA program.

Yesterday the five-day course concluded when a special graduation ceremony was held at CQUniversity in Rockhampton.

The BROLGA Program was established to inspire future leaders within Central Queensland's Indigenous communities.

The participants of the course were between 10-17 years of age.

"Our role is to guide the students through this week and different activities and to get them out of their comfort zone,” he said.

The students were paid a visit by numerous guest speakers and mentors, including Keppel MP Brittany Lauga.

"We had different presenters come in, that was one of our first and foremost and they spoke about some of their past experiences as well as trying to inspire some of the students to do better in their life,” he said.

Robson said he enjoyed witnessing the growth of the students and seeing them fully participate in the course.

"They've all come out of their comfort zone, some are stepping up to the plate to be leaders, some are just getting in and tackling everything, asking questions, he said.

"I'm pretty proud of how far we've come with them in just five days.”

The program involved many activities including various playing sports, a visit to Moores Creek to be learn about fish trapping and observation as well as the unveiling of an Indigenous mural on campus.

Traditional Indigenous dancing and presentations were integrated into the ceremony.

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