SWEET SOUNDS: River Street, Maclean fills with the sound of pipes and drums.
SWEET SOUNDS: River Street, Maclean fills with the sound of pipes and drums. Jenna Thompson

GALLERIES: Maclean Highland Gathering 2019

BY 8.15am, the haggis sausages were practically walking out the doors of the Fair Butcher in Maclean.

Unofficial taste-tester and Brisbane resident Linda Summers said it came as no suprise - they were simply delicious.

"It's got quite a reputation for not being nice, but I've always liked it," she said.


"These sausages are meaty, they've got texture and it's not too mushy, with a bit of spice. I'll definitely being taking some home with me!"

While this is a special treat for Ms Summers, haggis has always been on the menu for the butcher.

"We've been here since 1896 and have a lot of Scottish heritage," butcher Chris O'Connor said.

"As such we make a Lorne sausage and a haggis sausage all year round, but obviously today it's very popular."

It was the annual Maclean Highland Gathering after all...

Meanwhile, over at the Maclean Showground, Armidale resident Ken Scott is preparing for the Highland Games which feature events like the caber toss and hammer throw.

"I've been coming here for about 10 years, but it's not the only gathering I attend," he said.

"I enjoy everything about it."



Mr Scott, also a piper and leather craftsman, admitted his

short stature mightn't help him win a game.

"I may be a little smaller, but I'm fine with that; I'm in it to have fun!" he said.


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