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Gary pieces it all together

WHEN you walk into Gary Adams home, the first thing you notice is the endless stacks of puzzles lining the walls.

With 1800 puzzles at last count, the 49-year-old Rockhampton man just can't get enough of piecing together pictures.

Mr Adams said his puzzle curiosity began about 43 years ago and quickly escalated into a full time hobby.

"I started doing puzzles when I was about six. My mum bought me a 500 piece elephant puzzle as a present," Mr Adams said.

"We sat there all night doing the puzzle until we'd finished it, and then after that I just got more and more over the years.

"The way I see it is, there's a lot of places in the world that I'll never get to see, so I actually get to see them through puzzles."

Mr Adams said come Christmas and his birthday, no one worried about what to give him as a gift.

"Most of the puzzles I get are birthday or Christmas presents, or I go to swaps, or to the Salvos, or Vinnies, and buy them," he said.

"I have 3D puzzles that you actually have to do with 3D glasses on. Then there's ones that are three dimensional that you build up towards you."

With plenty of puzzle practice under his belt, Mr Adams has made piecing it all together a fine art.

"Once you know the routine it's easy," he said.

"If I start a 1000 piece one and I have a good run, I can probably finish it in five hours.

"A lot of people pull the border out first, but I've stopped doing that. What I do is pull out things like the blue of the sky and create a border for things like horizons first, work down from there, and then do the sky.

"The biggest puzzle I have done myself is a 5000 piece which is on the wall at my mum's place.

"The biggest one I have is a 25000 piece which I haven't started yet because I'll need a six by six room at least to do it."

While Mr Adams donates plenty of his puzzles to retirement homes and hospitals, he is also selling some for $2 each.

Anyone interested can drop by Mr Adams house at 10 Alma Lane.


 Divide the puzzle into sections

 Don't start on the border first

 Piece together a border from a horizon and work down, then work on the top and border

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