Get prepared for mosquito season, council urges residents

WITH the rainfall and king tides predicted during the coming months the Rockhampton region may begin experiencing an increase in mosquito activity.

Rockhampton Regional Council's Health and Compliance Committee chair councillor Ellen Smith said some species of mosquito had the potential to carry disease including Ross River and Dengue Fever.

"This is why it is important that we act in a way that doesn't encourage further breeding," Cr Smith said.

"Even though council has ongoing mosquito control programs we are encouraging residents to assist in keeping mosquitoes at bay by following a number of simple measures.

"Residents can also reduce their risk by limiting their time outside the home around dusk and dawn, which is the peak activity period of most mosquito species.

"Some species will still bite during the day and at night so whenever you are outside ensure you use insect repellent and wear loose fitting and lightly coloured protective clothing as mosquitoes can bite through tight clothing and are attracted to dark colours."

You can reduce mosquitoes around your home by:

  • Inspecting your house and yard and removing any accumulation of water;
  • Empty pot plant bases weekly or fill the base with sand to absorb water;
  • Wash out bromeliads and other water-holding plants weekly;
  • Clean out roof gutters regularly and trim back trees which can block gutters;
  • Ensure rainwater tanks are screened;
  • Maintain swimming pools;
  • Wash out birdbaths and ornamental pools weekly; and
  • Ensure ponds are stocked with suitable native fish.

What you can do to protect yourself:

  • Screen all windows and doors to prevent mosquitoes coming inside;
  • While outside wear long sleeved, loose-fitting clothing;
  • Use insect repellent;
  • If you live in an unscreened house or are camping, sleep under a mosquito net; and
  • Air-conditioning, fans and mosquito coils are also effective in protecting you from mosquitoes.

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