GET ready lads and ladies, it is Melbourne Cup day.

Forget about formguides and fillies, it is going to be all about the fashion today when the gates open at Rockhampton's Callaghan Park.

From funky fascinators to slimline suits, all eyes will be on the fashionistas.

Stockland Rockhampton representatives and Fashions on the Field judges Amanda Tippins-Kirk and David Fenwick will hit the track today in search of the cities best dressed.

Hailing Melbourne Cup as her favourite day all year, Tippins-Kirk said she was excited about what the local ladies had to offer.

"I'm really liking the black and white trend that we've been seeing at Derby Day," Tippins-Kirk said.

"I think there will be a bit of that today but what we really look for is something a bit different and a bit funky, particularly with the under-30's.

While the ladies would shine in the spotlight, Tippins-Kirk would not rule out the chaps.

"I really look forward to the fashion; I love seeing the girls and the guys dressed up," she said.

"I just think it's a great day especially in Rockhampton and I love it when the boys go to a lot of effort."

Fenwick could not agree more and said when it came to the lads, it would be about sophistication.

"For the men we're going more for the navy's and even a very light grey jacket and dark pants with bright shirts - it's certainly in," Fenwick said.

"When you see the younger guys in their suits it really does stand out, it's crisp, it's sharp and it is really well coordinated."

The judging duo agreed to keeping it classy in the over-30's and fresh for the under-30's.

"We're fashion forward for the under-30's," Fenwick said.

"When you look at the fashions in the stores today it's all a little bit funky, there's colour and it's a bit out there whereas the over-30's is a lot more formal and traditional.

"In the case of the over-30's we want something traditional where they wear the stockings and the gloves.

"I know it's hot but that's tradition and that's the races - go for a bit of class."



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