Getaway driver pleads stupid

SITTING in a car outside St Mary's Primary School with a police scanner while his friend went inside, Corey John Roberts claimed he did not know he was participating in a robbery.

Facing Hervey Bay Magistrates Court on Thursday, the 26-year-old Maryborough man pleaded guilty to four charges including receiving tainted property and possessing dangerous drugs.

Police prosecutor senior constable Sonia Edwards said Roberts was on parole in April when stolen jewellery, computer tablets and speaker system was found in the car he was driving.

The court heard the property was identified as stolen from two burglaries, one at a Maryborough home and another separate break in at St Mary's Primary School.

"He denied stealing the items but said he was aware of them,” Snr Const Edwards said.

"He was also found with a small Viagra pill on his persons and said he knew he needed a prescription but didn't have it.”

Roberts' parole was suspended and he had been held in custody since April.

Defence lawyer Travis George said his client was picked up by a friend and didn't know the plan specifically.

"But he accepts he waited in the car and had pieced together what was going on,” Mr George said.

"It was a case where 'if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then its probably a duck.'”

Mr George said the father-of-three had a history of dishonesty related-offending and was medicated for depression and anxiety when he fell into the situation through "poor decision making”.

Magistrate Stephen Guttridge took into account co-operation with police when he sentenced Roberts to six months imprisonment suspended for two years for the two receiving charges.

For the other two offences, Roberts was convicted and fined $400, but instead of paying the fine he will spend four days behind bars to serve concurrently with his other sentences.

"It is a matter for the parole board as to when they release you,” Mr Guttridge said.

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