Michelle Cromar and Nick Jensen, Hauntbaull Ghost Tours, doing an investigation.
Michelle Cromar and Nick Jensen, Hauntbaull Ghost Tours, doing an investigation.

Ghost hunters on the prowl for next CQ venue

Have you got a building that has a bit of an eerie feel to it or maybe a home with some rich history?

Rockhampton-based Hauntabull Ghost Tours is looking for a new venue to carry out its tours after its last location was vandalised.

“We are looking for somewhere, it could just be a basic pub, could just be a business, anywhere really, they might have something going on where the fans are turning on and they didn’t turn it on, just little things,” business owner Michelle Cromar said.

Before they do a tour, Michelle and friend Nick Jensen do an investigation to check if the location is haunted.

Venues also get a percentage of the ticket sales from the tours and Hauntabull has public liability insurance if anything happens on a tour.

“Anywhere from a warehouse to cafe, an empty building or house anywhere, something that has a theme, atmosphere and feel,” Nick said.

“The businesses on southside are amazing, we would love to see anything like that.”

The tours were sadly impacted by COVID-19 last year and put on hold for six months.

They were able to start the tours back up again at their venue, the Lakes Creek Hotel, in September but were forced to stop in November after the closed pub was continually vandalised and it became too unsafe.

To keep herself busy during the time off during the COVID-19 pandemic, Michelle took to making her own equipment to use on the ghost tours and investigations.

She made all sorts of things such as an infra-red illuminator and a structured light sensor camera.

“What you see on television is not hard to make, you just have to have the basics of electronics,” she said.

“We came up with these ideas and trialled them, I was amazed they worked.”

Michelle has been involved in the paranormal field for almost 20 years.

“I just started out from curiosity, seeing things and wondering what it was,” she said.

“For many many years I researched, I started going to libraries, finding out the ins and outs, all the terminology and I thought ‘why not lets just do it’.”

Hauntabull Ghost Tours are looking for venues and businesses in the Rockhampton region to do tours.
Hauntabull Ghost Tours are looking for venues and businesses in the Rockhampton region to do tours.

In 2016 she got a team together and started doing investigations but was being asked all the time if she could take people with her.

In 2019, she took the plunge and began running tours, starting out at the historic Criterion Hotel in Rockhampton’s CBD.

Nick met Michelle, he joined her one night on an investigation and he has been helping her ever since.

His interest in the paranormal world began when he was around 13.

“I saw some weird stuff as a kid that piqued my interest; family members involved with bizarre and quirky things,” he said.

Rockhampton, with its rich history, has made for a perfect place to carry out ghost tours.

“We have such a diverse history, we have the good, the bad and the ugly and yet it is exciting,” Michelle said.

Michelle noted that even if a building had been knocked down, it did not stop the spirits from residing there.

“We have such a multicultural society and that’s been stemmed way back from the 1870s, it’s never changed and if anything, we grew and evolved with society itself.

“We have had the bubonic plague here, murders, prostitutes... we are a mini London in Rocky.”

Michelle and Nick share the history of venues when they are on tour and it helps them learn who the spirits and ghosts are.

Each tour is different and it is always exciting to see how people will react.

The pair is also looking to run mystery tours and overnight camping excursions.

“We have people jump, scream, walk out, scratch, feel sick, be pushed in hallways … but they keep coming back,” Michelle said.

“I think it’s the adrenaline rush they get from it and it is something you don’t get to do every day.”

“They seem to panic and think, ‘you know what, that was exhilarating’ and come back again,” Nick said.

“We are passionate and we have so much fun doing it.”

Hauntabull Ghost Tours


Follow their facebook page for events

If you have a business or venue to offer, or would like more information, phone Michelle on 0476 795 413

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