Girl writes she 'would cry' if the future has no tacos

IT IS a classic schoolyard exercise. Write a letter to yourself in the future.

In this case, a young girl -- or so we think -- writes a charming letter in 2005, addressed to herself in 2014.

She makes some guesses about the future, but her real priority is the future of tacos.

It is unclear who penned the piece, but after popping up on a blog, it has very quickly started going viral.


A young girl in 2005 writes to her 2014 self, making sure the future is one that includes tacos
A young girl in 2005 writes to her 2014 self, making sure the future is one that includes tacos

Dear Future Me,

Hello me!

Mr Clark made us write letters to our future selves in computer class.

You are probably reading this on a giant projection screen above your bed and there is a voice talking the words while you play with your husky puppy.

How is life?

Do you have boyfriend yet?

Do you still like tacos?

Do they still serve tacos in 2014?

I would cry if they do not.

I really hope you do not have to eat freeze-dried tacos like the astronauts.

The freeze-dried ice cream is not bad, but Iw ould cry if all tacos were freeze-dried in the future.

Our letters have to be ten sentences long.

This is the last sentence so I hope your life is nice and you have a cool job.

PS. Here is a picture of a taco in case you forgot.


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