Tina Rolls, Nadia Plahn, Kailee Kitchener and Joanne Amos
Tina Rolls, Nadia Plahn, Kailee Kitchener and Joanne Amos Trish Bowman

Gluten free important lesson learned by cafe co-owner

IF you think you have an intolerance to gluten or might be coeliac, make sure you continue eating gluten products until you do the test for coeliac disease, otherwise the test won't work.

This is one lesson registered nurse and now coowner of Pumped Juice Bar and Cafe Joanne Amos learnt from her experience to getting the correct medical diagnosis and treatment plan.

Joanne, along with her long-term friend Heather Sanders, have owned and run Pumped Juice Bar and Cafe for the past three years.

Joanne said they had kept the basics set up by the previous owners and wanted to add gluten free to the menu.

She said her own experience of going gluten free, finding it extremely hard to dine out and many packaged gluten free products being full of sugar, led to her desire to offer a gluten free cafe.

Joanne Amos carries a wide range of gluten free produce at Pumped Juice in Yeppoon
Joanne Amos carries a wide range of gluten free produce at Pumped Juice in Yeppoon Trish Bowman

Joanne said when they looked at training staff, setting up separate food areas for gluten free, it was easier to switch all their products to gluten free.

"We didn't want to scare people off,” she said.

"There was this stigma at the time that gluten free didn't taste good.”

Joanne said when customers who were not coeliac or gluten intolerant found out they had been eating gluten free, they were pleasantly surprised.

"We've got a good following of coeliacs and gluten intolerant customers,” she said.

"We also cater for other allergies such as dairy, soy, nuts and bananas.”

Tina Rolls, Nadia Plahn, Kailee Kitchener and Joanne Amos
Tina Rolls, Nadia Plahn, Kailee Kitchener and Joanne Amos Trish Bowman

Joanne said she was diagnosed coeliac in 2013 but had been not eating gluten for some time and wasn't told by anyone that you need to eat gluten leading up to doing the medical test otherwise it didn't work, which lead to a later diagnosis than could have been.

She said she also had been lactose free for 15 years.

The difference between coeliac and lactose intolerance symptoms explained

According to a fact sheet on www.coeliac.org.au: "those with lactose intolerance don't produce enough lactase (the enzyme that digests lactose), resulting in lactose maldigestion. Symptoms of lactose maldigestion may include abdominal pain, bloating, wind and/or diarrhoea.

"Untreated coeliac disease can affect lactase production and result in a temporary lactose intolerance.

"The gluten free diet allows lactase production to return to normal and the lactose intolerance to resolve.”

However, this may be different for other gluten intolerant people.

Dr Chris Hughes of CQ Nutrition said often once gluten is restricted lactase can re-develop and symptoms can decrease.

”For some this is not the case though and they remain lactose intolerant,” he said.

”This is most likely to unintentional gluten exposure.”

He said there was a new testing method to detect gluten called GIP (gluten immunogenic peptide) assay that detects gluten exposure via urine and stool samples with much greater accuracy.

The studies that have used GIP have identified that a significant proportion of those following a gluten free diet are still being inadvertently exposed to gluten. One study showed that less than a 3rd of those people exposed to gluten (detected via GIP assay) had any symptoms, nor did they produce the anti-bodies (tTG-IgA & DGP) that are used to diagnose coeliac disease.

"The point here is that despite not having symptoms or producing antibodies, damage was still likely to occur to the lining of the bowel and this was shown through biopsy in other studies,” Dr Hughes said.

"So for people with CF(cystic fibrosis) and Fibro(fibromyalgia), it could well be that they are in fact gluten intolerant, yet our diagnostic criteria may not sensitive enough for these individuals to be diagnosed as having Coeliac Disease, however there bowels may be suffering damage.”

He said the other option with non coeliac gluten (or wheat) sensitivity, the person may have a FODMAP intolerance.

"FODMAPs are a type of carbohydrate that the body can have difficulty digesting,” Dr Hughes said.

"They may also have a wheat allergy or it could be the Amylase trypsin inhibitors (ATIs) found in wheat that activate an immune response causing inflammation.

"All of these factors can damage the lining of the bowel which I think one of your links there refers to. How these relate to Fibro or CFS are still yet to be determined, however the origins of these conditions are similar, in that they are related to the gut microbiome, and the effect it has on our immune system. Most people with these two conditions report some GI stress.

"I often describe our immune system like the rural fire brigade,” Dr Hughes said.

"If there are a heap of spot fires, then the fire brigade's resources are stretched and when a full blown bush fire erupts, the fire brigade may struggle due to having its resources stretched.

"With our immune system, if we are activating it (or over-activating it) with foods that are causing damage or inflammation, then it may struggle to cope with the repair and defence of other bodily functions.”

Gluten Free Dining:

Pulp Sandwich and Heath Bar in Stocklands

Tannum Beach Fish and Chip shop have gluten free chips cooked in a separate fryer. They also advertise gluten free gravy

Coffee Society

Riverston Tea Rooms

Artizan Gluten Free Bakery

Yogolicious Cafe

Seabreeze service station in Yeppoon has a large gluten free range

Cedar Park Fish and Chips offer gluten free menu, make their own GF batter, have a dedicated GF fryer and will soon be offering GF burgers.

Megalomania Bar and Bistro

Keppel Bay Sailing Club

Pumped Juice Bar in Yeppoon stocks goods from Artizan Gluten Free Bakery

Queen's Hotel Bistro (Gladstone) now has gluten-free fries (with a dedicated fryer). All the steak sauces are GF too.

Fishco in Rockhampton does gluten-free chips and gluten-free crumbed fish

Pho and Grill Restaurant at 2/235 Musgrave St, Berserker

Gelatissmo has some gluten free and dairy free options

Ocean Brew Eatery in Emu Park has gluten free and lactose free cake options

Lure Living has GF pancakes among other gluten free, lactose free and vegan options

Crazy Joker

Rocky Burger Shack for GF pizzas and pasta


Afishionados in Yeppoon

Saigon Saigon in East St

Thai Taste

Malaysia Hut

Hong Kong Chinese Seafood Restaurant on Denham St

Project Mex

Headricks Lane

Grocery shopping options

Richo's Quality Meats have gluten-free options

Aldi in Gladstone (and Rockhampton after November)

Cheesecake Shop has gluten-free options


Woolworths has extended their GF range to include baked goods. There were doughnuts and an apple pie in the special cake display cabinet along with GF lamingtons and other goodies across from the GF bread near the muffins at Gracemere site.

That Wholefood Place at 161 Berserker St, Rockhampton

Go-Vita on Fitzroy St

Rocky Health Foods

Rockhampton Health Options

Drakes IGA - hint is to look for the blue tags

Artizan Gluten Free Bakery has breads already made or packet mixes you take home and make yourself. People can also order these online to be sent in the mail

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