Gogango teen has her sights set on modelling

EMILY Davis is ready to strut her stuff and prove to the world she has got what it takes to be a professional model.

The 17-year-old, who lives on a property in Gogango, was one of seven girls to be accepted into the 2019 Elite Avenue Rockhampton Model Mentor Scholarship Program.

The program runs for 12 months with monthly training fees waived.

Ms Davis, who graduated from Brisbane School of Distance Education, said she has struggled with being shy for most of her life and is looking to gain the confidence that models radiate.

"I have always loved models, all the confidence they have and the way they walk, talk and present themselves," she said.

"I think doing modelling will give me the experience and confidence that I need to step out in the modelling and acting industry.

"Although, the thought of having to get my name out there and present myself to people is very scary and daunting. But I know there will be other girls there that will be feeling the same nerves as me. I know we will be able to overcome it together."

Elite Avenue Model Emily Davis.
Elite Avenue Model Emily Davis. Contributed

She said she was "ecstatic" when she found out she had been selected as one of the recipients for the scholarship.

"I had seen a couple of girls had their scholarships up on the Facebook page before me and I didn't actually know how many scholarships they were giving out, so I thought I had missed out," she said.

"I was a little bit down but I wasn't upset, I was really happy for them.

"A couple of hours later, my mum said 'guess what', and she showed me they had posted I had won one of the scholarships and I was like 'no way'.

"I was so honoured and grateful to be given the scholarship because it has given me the chance to step into the modelling industry, something I wouldn't have done without this opportunity."

Ms Davis said there were many things she was hoping to get out of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

"Firstly, I am looking to build a portfolio of photos and get myself out there in the modelling and acting industry," she said.

"I am also hoping to learn how to catwalk, model, pose, and some of the training tactics like the mood boards we need to create before we go into a shoot and also how to get into the mood for a shoot.

"I am also hoping to build up my confidence through this experience."

Although Ms Davis sees herself as a professional model and actress on the big screen in the future, she hasn't given up on other career paths.

"I have decided that I will still be going to university while I pursue modelling," she said.

"I will be studying a double degree of law and accounting at Central Queensland University. I have always had an interest in law and accounting and I thought if I did university at the same time as modelling I could figure out which one I want to pursue in the future."

Her advice to other girls trying to get into the modelling world is to "just get out there, ask around and give it a try".

"Don't let the nerves overwhelm you or take you over."

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