Going nuts over migraine symptoms and solutions

MIGRAINE is a debilitating condition affecting one side of the head.

Sometimes, migraine develops behind one eye, so often a person is aware of migraine onset. Significant nausea may be experienced during migraine episodes, which in some cases includes vomiting.

There is suggestion that disturbed blood flow may be associated with the condition. Generally females are more prone to the condition and approximately half of these may have family history involvement. Other factors that possibly trigger migraine include: stress, red wine, monosodium glutamate, some processed meats, hard cheeses, cows milk, wheat, tomato, chocolate and oranges.

This condition can be so debilitating a person may be driven to desperation, resulting in overuse of drugs for relief. This can create its own complications, particularly a reaction known as medication-overuse headache. In view of this, a person needs to follow prescribed medication dosages from a medical doctor.

Naturopathy is more interested in identifying and eradicating factors causing migraine development.

Just consider for a moment, many triggering factors may have potential association with intensive farming or intensive processing.

This hints at a strong credible case in favour of certified organic, biodynamic and permaculture practices. Naturopathy has advocated the virtues of these farming and processing practices for well over 100 years.

For example, inorganic arsenic in groundwater may arise in oranges.

Oranges might be harvested immature resulting in heavy processing. Natural detoxification activities in an orange tree and the crop are likely to be incomplete giving rise to arsenic toxicity risk. Because you are on the food chain favourable crop choice are sustainable farming practices.

Trustworthy naturopathic practice is skilled with extensive clinical interventions that may reduce the intensity of an episode, additional to strategies to resolve the condition. Palliative care through conventional or alternative approaches may be ok, however resolution is the naturopathic way.

Additional to botanic or physical medicine in naturopathic practice, nutrition based on natural logic is quintessential to recovery. Healthy fats are necessary for brain health and wholesome nuts are the foundation. Wholesome nuts have moderate softness favourable for your brain, while crunchy nuts possibly will have nutrient deficiency. Have a brainstorm and enjoy fat-filled wholesome nuts.


with Peter Lewis, Naturopath practitioner


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