Suzie Huey posted this photo of her two dogs prior to the attack.
Suzie Huey posted this photo of her two dogs prior to the attack.

Horrific Toowoomba dog attack: 'It grabbed her throat'

A TOOWOOMBA woman has described the horrifying moment her small dogs were attacked by a "staffy type dog" while on a walk in Harristown.

In a post to the Toowoomba Pets - lost and found! Facebook group, Suzie Huey said she had been walking her cavalier spaniel and Maltese cross terrier on a lead near West St on the morning of August 5, when a dog jumped the fence of a nearby house.

She said the attack came out of nowhere, and left her "screaming for help".

"(It) ran over to my female cavalier, and grabbed her by the throat area and proceeded to drag her onto the road, sinking her teeth into her neck and chest area, then into her shoulder and rib cage area and back again with incredible strength," she said.

"The dog seemed to be trying to rip at her leg, rip apart her throat and chest area, and kept shaking her while only letting go this grip for a split second to take a breath.

"I am physically strong but I could not get this dog to let go of my dog's body."

Ms Huey said she could see her dog was close to death as she tried to fight off the other animal.

"I was lying on the ground still screaming and yelling at this dog while pulling at parts of her body -  hoping she would turn on me, but she was only interested in my cavalier," she said.

"My screaming and trying to fight off this dog didn't work, and although there was someone home in this dog's house they did not come out."

Just when all seemed lost, Ms Huey said a "Good Samaritan" and his staffy named Bugzie jumped to her rescue.

"(A man), who lives down the street, heard my screams and came running with his staffy, Bugzie, who ran over to us lying on the ground and chased off this other dog," she said.

"I believe this is the only reason, I have my dog home with me today."

She rushed her dog to Herriot House Veterinary Surgery, who fought to keep her alive. She said she also had to seek treatment for her own injuries.

"The shock of the whole experience is still sinking in; the anger of it all, the heartbreak that I fought with all I had but couldn't protect my dog from harm, the debt from the huge vet bill, nursing my own wounds, and now having my dog home in pieces, hoping she will fully recover," she said.

"My cavalier sustained serious injuries, including the severe shock from being attacked which was worse for her than all the injuries. Her left shoulder, armpit and leg have serious wounds with gaping holes from the dog's teeth.

"She spent day and night on oxygen, drip, antibiotics to assist with infection. Her heart swelled, and she was blue from lack of oxygen, and with her existing heart condition there were concerns whether she would recover from this traumatic experience at all."

Ms Huey said she was still having flashbacks and nightmares about the attack, which was the worst she has experienced during her time in Toowoomba.

She has since reported the incident to council, who have since seized the offending dog while conducting an investigation of the situation.

Ms Huey warned other dog walkers to be cautious while walking their dogs in the Harristown area until the investigation was complete.

She said her dog was now on the mend, but had a long way to go.

"I am so grateful to Herriot House and all their devoted staff, who coped incredibly well to me hysterically carrying my bloodied cavalier through their front door (that) Monday," she said.

"They immediately proceeded to try and save her life. Not to mention their attentive care to my injuries, and comforting me while I was in such a distressed emotional state."

She said the good Samaritan and his dog Bugzie would forever be her hero.

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