LNP candidate Michelle Landry.
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Government job loses, less money for local businesses linked to 457s

IN DECEMBER last year I wrote in response to Mrs Landry's suggestion she was "supporting small business”.

At that time I asked if she could assist by replacing the more than 50 commonwealth jobs lost from Rockhampton s CBD since she had been elected.

I understand a further 30 jobs are now lost to the CBD.

This continues to be a very real concern for small local business operators, as more of them are forced to close their doors.

However, Mrs Landry there is another concern.

My understanding is that there are more than 600 workers on 457 visas or were former 457 visa holders who employed at our two meatworks.

One has to understand why these people come here and the living conditions they come from.

These are good people who come here to send money home to their family.

The maths then become interesting; if 625 workers on 457 visas send $400 per week overseas, that is $250,000 per week which is being lost to the local small business community.

My questions to Mrs Landry are, at a time of very high local unemployment, exactly how many 457 visa holders are working in Rockhampton today?

I know this information is available to her.

And, where are they working?

What action is your government taking to end the use and abuse of 457 visas in Rockhampton?

And finally Mrs Landry, after 12 months can you tell me what you are doing to reverse the continuing loss of government jobs from Rockhampton?

Barry Large


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