Govt must help fund levee or pay more for future clean ups

HELP us fund our flood levee or don't expect us to pay more for future flood clean-ups.

That is the message Rockhampton Region Mayor Margaret Strelow plans to deliver when she meets with the Federal Government's productivity commission into disaster management and disaster funding.

The proposed South Rockhampton flood levee is set to cost $48million.

The Rockhampton Regional Council will contribute $13 million and is relying on funding from the state and federal governments for the project to proceed.

Cr Strelow said there were two items on the agenda of Monday's meeting in Brisbane.

"There is a very clear agenda about reducing the proportion of disaster recovery that the Federal Government pays," Cr Strelow said. "They are suggesting that about 33% should come from the Federal Government, instead of about 80% at the moment, and that local and state government should share the balance. What that would mean for us is that, for the last two floods, instead of paying $2million we would have paid $20 million out of our rates."

Cr Strelow said the Federal Government was also looking at whether it made more sense to engage in disaster mitigation measures rather than be constantly cleaning up after flood events.

"That, of course, is very much the story that we're trying to tell," she said.

"Clearly, if we're not able to secure funding for the levee from the Federal Government then I would ask that we be exempted from those obligations to pay over and above what we are currently contributing to flooding."

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