BIG YARDING: Gracemere saleyards.
BIG YARDING: Gracemere saleyards. Allan Reinikka RRW170217acqlx3

Gracemere yarding rises again, going up to 4130 head

AN INCREASED yarding of 4130 head came to hand at Gracemere sale on February 24, comprising of 2007 steers, 1630 heifers, 338 cows, 109 cows and calves, and 48 bulls.

Cattle were drawn from north to Collinsville, south to Taroom and all local areas. Competition was strong due to a full gallery of buyers, with young cattle easing slightly due to the dry conditions.

Meatworks cattle held firm to dearer on last week's rates and the market overall is still strong.

Steers to slaughter topped 314.2c/kg to average 280.6c/kg, seeing a slight lift in the market.

Steers 400-500kg topped 322.2c/kg to average 311.2c/kg, while steers 300-400kg topped at 336.2c/kg to average 314.1c/kg.

Steers 200-300kg topped 390.2c/kg to average 336.4c/kg. Steers less than 200kg topped 372.2c/kg to average 333.2c/kg.

Cows to slaughter topped 290c/kg to average 226.2c/kg, seeing a drop in the market. Cows 400-450kg topped 280.2c/kg to average 222.1c/kg, the market remaining firm.

Cows 320-400kg topped 242.2c/kg to average 190.8c/kg. Cows less than 320kg topped 134.2c/kg to average 118.3c/kg.

Heavy heifers topped 300c/kg to average 268.6c/kg, while heifers in the 300-400kg range topped 302c/kg to average 289.3c/kg.

Heifers 200-300kg topped 328c/kg to average 288c/kg, while heifers less than 200kg topped 340.2c/kg to average 312.7c/kg.

Cows and calves topped $1250 per unit to average $1625 per unit.

Bulls more than 600kg topped 226.2c/kg to average 217.1c/kg. Bulls 450-600kg topped 225.2c/kg to average 214.9c/kg, with the market remaining firm.

Bulls less than 450kg topped 314.2c/kg to average 258.3c/kg.


Streeter family, Calliope, sold brahman-cross steers to top at 336c/kg, weighing 390kg to return $1312/head.

James and Shirley Dunne, Duaringa, sold EU brahman weaner steers to top at 382c/kg, weighing 215kg to return $823/head.

Ray Brown and Family, Theodore, sold cross-bred weaner steers to top at 378c/kg, weighing 277kg to return $1050/head.

Joy Wishart, Goovigen, sold brahman cows to top at 250c/kg, weighing 537kg to return $1342/head.

Don Olive and Family, Dingo, sold EU brangus-cross steers to top at 342c/kg, weighing 323kg to return $1105/head.

Bruce Henderson, Morinish, sold droughtmaster feeder heifers for 326c/kg, weighing 477kg to return $1556/head, and feeder steers for 333c/kg, weighing 425kg to return $1417/head,

GJ and KJ McDonald, Canarral, sold braford feeder heifers for 336c/kg weighing 373kg to return $1254/head.

AG and DG Elliott, Theodore, sold droughtmaster No.6 steers for 342c/kg, weighing 342kg to return $1171/head.

Moorvale Pastoral Co, Nebo, sold 65 brahman-cross cows to top 249c/kg, weighing 536kg to return $1339/head.

Justin Little, St Lawrence, sold quality droughtmaster steers to top 408c/kg, weighing 177kg to return $725/head.

Rockview Cattle Co, Bluff, sold charbray steers to top 354c/kg, weighing 352kg to return $1249/head.

ACBH, Iffly, sold santa feeder steers to 346c/kg, weighing 457kg to return $1584/head.

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