CQUniversity's Grace Gillon.
CQUniversity's Grace Gillon. Contributed

Grace's travel bug's on hold, new study plans on horizon

THERE was a stint selling tickets at a Darwin crocodile park which featured a 'cage of death' experience.

Then there was the time manufacturing truck parts in regional Victoria, the time working in hospitality and retail at Airlie Beach, the time working in Melbourne cafes and the time touring Europe with friends.

When Grace Gillon talks about her 'travel bug' it can take her a while to remember how she has managed to fit everything in.

"I have family all over Australia, including five sisters, so I've been taking working holidays to see as much of the country as possible,” she said.

Now aged 23, Grace has subdued her 'travel bug' in favour of taking steps towards a career as a high school teacher.

"In my senior year of school at Ararat in Victoria my mum was sick with cancer so that took my attention away from my studies and I did not get my best possible uni entry score,” she says.

"I was a bit discouraged about my school results and when I did visit unis in Melbourne I felt overwhelmed at their size and how crazy busy they were.”

Considering her future, Grace ended up taking advice from her Rockhampton-based sister who is the first in her family to complete a tertiary degree.

"Since it's been more than five years since high school, and to help meet the prerequisites for an Education degree, I've completed the STEPS preparatory course at CQUniversity Rockhampton North,” she says.

"STEPS is just what I needed in terms of networking, making friends and learning the foundations of essay presentation and referencing, so I feel confident starting my degree. I just needed a refresher to ease back into studies and it has been helpful in that respect.

"I've got a good family support network in Rockhampton and now that I'm here it feels like I'm meant to be here ... it's a bit more 'chill' and it's got a good vibe.”.

Grace has been juggling her studies with work in a local café and also has plans to start a campus-based book club with a fun twist. Her launch party is set to have a Harry Potter theme to emphasise the focus on fun.

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