John Bradman in action for the Brahmans.
John Bradman in action for the Brahmans. Allan Reinikka AR18/0409/9

Brahman's coach names 2010 squad

TODAY is grand final day, but already Brahmans coach Jack Lloyd junior has named a squad for the 2010 representative program.

Lloyd said he had approached most of the players and they seemed keen to participate. While named in the initial squad, which contains players for senior and young Brahman teams, Lloyd is not expecting either Alec or Angus Sutherland to be available due to work commitments.

Also missing is Lee Anderson, who has moved from the area, and Dane Sheraton, who is taking a rest.

Frenchville's Ashley Kris has not been named either.

“Unfortunately he's not over-keen to play at a good level of football,” Lloyd said.

“We have not said 'no' to him and so the door is still open,”

Keith Taylor returns to the squad and Lloyd said his experience would be invaluable.

The coach is excited with the quality of the young players invited to join team training.

Rockhampton Grammar School's Lachlan James is an exciting player, but may miss out as he is intending to go to university.

“Matt Brown could be a bolter as he turns 18 in February,” Lloyd said.

Brown is with Frenchville and like James has appeared for Queensland Schools, but is too young to play senior rugby until 18 years of age.

Most of the Brahmans will begin training next month with a six-week gymnasium program with the main work getting under way in November.

Central Queensland Brahmans squad Bradley Reeves, Matt Pearce, Oliver Mayo, Daniel Pearce, Brad Howland, Fraser Booth, Anthony Pearce, Riki Materson, Jason Solis (Brothers), Keith Taylor, Jono Bradbury, Brett Parker, Justin Vakaci, Simon Steinhofer, Cameron Szery, Andrew Hanrahan, Raymond Austin (University) Jonathon Ford, Cameron Lindley, John Galvin, James Toon, Tristan Saunders, Alec Sutherland, Angus Sutherland, Michael Steere, Matt Brown (Frenchville), Nicholas Hickey, Tomas Hale, Scott Mcpherson, Peter McLaughlin, Mitchel Smith, Charlie Fetoai, Lance Robb, Manny Robb (Colts), Stuart Whyte, Martin Thompson, Mathew Page, Samuel Jones (Blackwater), Trent Flynn, Darren Gibson, Jason Shackleton (Cap Coast), Robert Wood (Gladstone), Ryan Brownlie, Ashley Kirk, Chris Weeden, Stuart Kirk (Dawson Valley), Alex Matchoss (St Brendan's College), Lachlan James (RGS), Riley Griffin (TCC). Head coach: Jack Lloyd. Assistant coach: Frank Busby. Manager: Len Lawlor. Assistant manager: Andrew Kelly.

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