Workers clear the Warrego River Bridge in Mitchell yesterday.
Workers clear the Warrego River Bridge in Mitchell yesterday. Contributed / Western Star

Grants available for flooded towns

POLICE say it is unlikely St George residents will be allowed to return home before the weekend while the town's sewerage system remains inoperable.

Police road blocks will prevent re-entry to the town until it is deemed safe to return.

In Mitchell, the bridge to town was re-opened to restricted traffic last night after its structural soundness was assessed yesterday by engineers.

Meanwhile, the State and Federal Governments have launched assistance grants for residents of the Maranoa, Balonne, Murweh and Central Highlands local government areas.

Maranoa Regional Council Mayor Robert Loughnan said the payments would provide a helping hand to struggling residents.

"There are a number of grants available for residents affected by the recent flood event, ranging from one off payments for essential supplies to mortgage relief loans for those suffering more severe financial distress," he said.

Financial assistance available by calling the Community Recovery Line on 1800 173 349:

Emergent Assistance Grant
$180 per person, up to a maximum of $900 for a family of five or more. For people experiencing immediate hardship, in the declared areas.

Essential Household Contents Grant
Up to $1765 per adult and up to a maximum of $5300 for couples/families to replace uninsured essential household contents such as cooking utensils, clothing, linen or white goods.

Structural Assistance Grant
Up to $10,905 per adult and up to a maximum of $14,685 for couples/families to contribute to the repair of a home to a habitable and secure condition.

Essential Services Safety and Reconnection Grant
Up to $200 per service for safety inspections by accredited inspectors, and if deemed necessary, up to $4200 to meet the cost of reinstalling services to Australian Standards by qualified tradespeople, after structural damage.

Mortgage Relief
You may also be eligible for an interest free mortgage relief loan of up to $20,000 if you are experiencing financial distress and are in danger of losing your home.

Accommodation Assistance
Housing assistance is available for all Queensland residents in areas affected by flooding. If you are a home owner, private renter or social housing tenant impacted by the recent natural disaster and you need assistance to access alternative accommodation.

Other assistance available:

Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment
Payments of $1000 per eligible adult and $400 per eligible child will be made if you:

  • are an Australian resident, and
  • are 16 years or older or are receiving a social security payment, and
  • have not already received an Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment for the disaster, and
  • have experienced one or more of the following:
  • you have been seriously injured
  • you are the immediate family member of an Australian killed as a direct result of the disaster
  • your home has been destroyed or has sustained major damage
  • you have been stranded in your home, or unable to gain access to your home, for a period of at least 24 hours
  • your home was without electricity, water, gas, sewage services or another essential service for a continuous period of 48 hours
  • you are the principal carer of a dependent child who has experienced any of the above

For more information call 180 22 66 or visit the Centrelink website.

Residents are reminded, where possible, to bring sufficient personal identification when making a claim for assistance, including drivers licence or ID card, Medicare card and recent rates notice or electricity account showing your address.

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