GRAPHIC IMAGE: Turtle’s heartbreaking death prompts warning

A local woman has spoken out after finding a turtle that had suffered a heartbreaking death.

Carol Clare took to social media to express her concern after coming across a turtle with a rope from a crab pot caught around its neck and fin.

Ms Clare posted about the grim New Year's Eve discovery in a bid to encourage people to be more mindful of how their interactions with the marine environment could impact wildlife.

" … I stumbled on this heartbreaking scene," she wrote.

"This little girl, washed up on the beach, strangled to death by a rope, with the remains of a crab pot still attached.

"Seriously folks, if you set a crab pot, check it."

Ms Clare said she thought the turtle had been a familiar visitor to the beach.

"Pretty sure we have seen this poor little girl before with a missing front flipper," she said.

"She wouldn't have stood a chance, entangled in this rope and would have died a horrific, painful death."

Ms Clare said she knew the photo she had shared was graphic, but said it was necessary to get the message across.

"We would much rather see live girls coming up the beach, laying her eggs and make her way back to the sea."

The incident is the second case where a dead turtle has been found on Woodgate beach in recent months.

In November, a local took to social media after finding a dead turtle with an arrow throw its throat.

On New Year's Day, a young turtle was saved after becoming entangled by a fishing line at Burrum Heads.

Queensland's sea turtles fall under either vulnerable or endangered categories depending on species.

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