MEDIUM: Charmaine Wilson helps the bereaved through the grieving process.
MEDIUM: Charmaine Wilson helps the bereaved through the grieving process. Contributed

Grief counselling medium links the living and the dead

DEATH and feelings of loss are a sad part of life and can often overwhelm those who are left behind.

Charmaine Wilson, 52, is a medium who has been coming to Rockhampton for 13 years now to help the bereaved to find closure, to move on from the grieving process and start living their lives again.

Charmaine says a medium is someone who communicates with the spirits of the dead and she appears to have a talent for this ability, winning the Australian Psychic of the Year in 2005, Queensland Psychic of the Year in 2008 and Channel Seven's inaugural season of 'The One' - a reality TV show to determine Australia's best psychic in 2008.

She traces the awakening of her gift to dealing with the trauma of grief.

"My journey with mediumship started with grief," Ms Wilson said.

"I lost my brother when I was 17, he was killed in a motorcycle accident.

"Four years after that, I lost my 4-year-old daughter, she was killed in a drunk driving accident by her dad,

"The year after that I lost my granddad. I was only 23 by that point and I had a lot of grief."

She said she started hearing voices in her head in 1999, the year her father passed.

"I just thought I was nuts and then all of a sudden I started to tune in," Ms Wilson said.

"I realised when I was hearing them, it was always when I was near other people.

"So one day I repeated what the voices were saying and the first time it turned out to be this man's mother who I was working with at the air force base."

Ms Wilson said it was really confronting and although she didn't want to be a medium, it chose her.

"I think that my main goal as a medium is not just to give people messages but to help them understand the grieving process," she said.

"And to help them through that effectively and into a happier state of mind.

"One thing I've understood, you can grieve forever but you're not going to live forever and we only get one shot at being us in this life."

Ms Wilson endeavours to provide as much positive and accurate information as she can so the bereaved feel comforted enough to get on with enjoying the rest of their lives.

She is a proud Queenslander and although she tours extensively around the country with up to 70 shows a year, she likes to focus her efforts at home.

Her Friday night show in Rockhampton is sold out but you can see her in a dealing with grief Facebook live session every Sunday .

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