Hamish Summers-Lawrie grew up in a horse racing family.
Hamish Summers-Lawrie grew up in a horse racing family. Contributed

The fight for his life enters crucial stage for Hamish

ROCKHAMPTON crash victim Hamish Summers-Lawrie's fight for life enters a crucial stage today and Saturday as doctors prepare to test for vital signs.

The 19-year-old remains on life support in Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital following a horrific single-vehicle crash near Rockhampton on Monday which claimed the life of Kyi Wells, 16, and left Hamish's girlfriend, 16-year-old Clare Markwell, with lower limb injuries.

Hamish's mum Natalea Summers yesterday said doctors were waiting for swelling on the brain to subside before making any judgements on his chances for recovery.

"They've taken the line out of his lungs where his lungs had collapsed because they're happy with where that has recovered to and there's no fluid build-up so, so far so good there.

"But that's the least of his worries in the grand scheme of it."

Natalea said she had gone into "mumma bear" mode and was trying to limit hospital visitations to close family members only on a one-at-a-time basis.

"Days four (Friday) and five (Saturday) they say we'll know where the signposts are, and what direction he's going to take.

"They tell you the worst - like he could not wake up.

"But they've said that before (in other cases) and people have done exactly the opposite."

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Natalea said she had family and very good friends supporting her at the hospital but she was also concerned about her partner, Darryl Johnston, back home in Rockhampton.


Natalea Summers doing the hard yards.
Natalea Summers doing the hard yards. Brian Cassidy

Johnston has been a wheelchair-bound horse trainer since a race fall during his jockey days rendered him a paraplegic and Summers, a jockey herself, is a big part of the day-to-day operations of Johnston's stable.

"I was working like 16 horses a morning (at trackwork) and now I'm not there," Summers said.

"That gap has to be filled by someone else but all of the trackwork riders are stretched to the max because there's not enough of them.

"Darryl has his own issues to deal with and doing it on his own isn't possible.

"Darryl doesn't outwardly ask for help, you know what he's like, he's so independent.

"Everyone says they'll rally around and they say 'if there's anything we can do just let us know'.

"Yeah, I'm putting it out there, help us out please."

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