Happily ever after for all if same-sex marriage gets 'I do'

WEDDINGS are everywhere at the moment, and it is not even "wedding season".

Am I just noticing because my own wedding day is looming with just under four months to go?

Facebook knows how to work the system and I have been getting a flood of wedding-related advertising sites popping up on my news feed.

Sure beats what some of my friends are getting - adverts for incontinence pads and plastic surgery.

I doubt I would have watched Married at First Sight on Channel Nine if I wasn't looking for ideas for my own big day… so I did and I actually enjoyed it.

Call me a romantic at heart, but I enjoyed the show much more than I thought possible.

Sure it is a social experiment created for entertainment purposes, sure the marriages aren't real, but they are really just like a first date on steroids and you can't help but wish for a happy ending.

After all, I've found my happily ever after.

There was more wedding news this week on the political agenda with Bill Shorten confirming Labor will move a bill to legalise same-sex marriage next week.

Ireland has just said yes to same sex marriage, so could that be next on the cards for Australia?

I don't take for granted that I can get married to the love of my life.

I am grateful simply to have him in my life, but getting married was important to us, which is why we are taking the plunge.

But it is something I know some of my friends can't do themselves, in the eyes of the law, because of their gender.

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Although it hasn't stopped many of them undergoing ceremonies of their own accord, I know they want the same rights as I do to make it legal.

Some people complain the old tradition of marriage is fading.

Less people are getting married and instead living together, vows are taken lightly and divorce rates are climbing, yet there are still people madly in love who don't yet have that choice.

While I prepare to walk up the aisle to my Superman and say "I do", I hope Australia gets to say the same to a vote on same-sex marriages.

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