Rachelle says Tgirls aren't freaks

MEET Rachelle, 50, a transsexual who wants Rockhampton to know she’s not a “freak”.

She is just trying to be “who she really is”.

But recently since making the tough decision to become a woman, Rachelle has been threatened, called names and “gone through living hell”.

She doesn’t like to be called a transsexual however, she prefers the modern term of a Tgirl or TG.

Rachelle contacted The Morning Bulletin this week to make a stand about how she chooses to live her life.

She moved to Rockhampton two years ago and now works as a cleaner.

Rachelle, who is physically a man, said she had wanted to be a woman on and off for the last 20 years.

This year she made her decision official and since September 1 now dons women’s clothing on a full-time basis.

“A lot of people will say it’s a lifestyle choice, but it just happens when it happens and you have to do something about it or end up like a statistic,” she said.

“About 70% of transsexuals commit suicide as a result of losing friends and family during their transition.”

Rachelle, who asked not to have her last name published, said she had always felt like a woman.

It’s a lengthy process to change sex.

It involves regularly visiting a psychologist, 12 months of hormone treatment and a long wait for gender reassignment surgery.

Rachelle said reassignment surgery costs about $12,000 and then there are other costs such as breast implants and permanent hair removal.

Rachelle said she is learning to block out negative comments, but has to consider her safety on a regular basis.

“There are some narrow-minded people in Rockhampton and they don’t understand people like me,” she said.

“Tgirls aren’t’ freaks – we are just trying to be who we are."

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