READERS DISCUSS: 'He earns $600 a week but won't pay board'

WEDNESDAY: READERS have shared their views over a frustrated parent who asked for advice via SMS to the Editor about their son not paying board or doing housework.

Yesterday, The Bulletin ran a story online about the SMS after it ran in Monday's paper and received a number of 'advice' SMS responses overnight.

The Bulletin Facebook page followers added their two cents worth in the afternoon:

Annette Currie - If he won't pay board or help kick him out you are making it hard on yourselves believe me form a parent who has been there and done it

Kimbaa Maree - Make him start paying his way. Doesn't like it? Introduce him to the real world where he'll have $600 a week to pay around $300 in rent plus utilities, fuel, insurance, car payments etc. He'll quickly learn. He wants to come back? Make sure you charge him a reasonable amount to cover his expenses. If he don't agree, he's on his own.

From a 25yr old who's done it since 18.

Anna Dickson - My guess is that he is who you raised him to be. If you do everything for him, why do you think he would want to do it for himself. If you pay his way and put a roof over his head free of charge why do you expect him to pay for it? You know what you need to do, you don't need us to advise you. Just grow a pair and do it.

Read more of that discussion here:

A parent has turned to The Bulletin readers for advice about their son: What do you think the parent should do?

Posted by The Morning Bulletin on Monday, November 16, 2015

 TUESDAY: A FRUSTRATED parent has turned to The Bulletin readers for advice over what to do about their 'free board' employed son.

LM of Frenchville sent in a SMS to the Editor which was published yesterday in The Bulletin:

My son earns over $600/wk after tax & does not help around the house or yard. He tells me that none of his friends pay board. Any thoughts?

Readers have today sent their text responses to the editor:

N, RPTON. To LM, Frenchville....kick him out or make him buy his own groceries & personal items, do his own laundry, keep his room tidy & pay money towards electricity & water & tell him to grow up..

OVERIT ROCKY.  For LM Frenchville. You made his bed, so he will sleep in it. In other words stop cleaning up after him and feeding him and EVERYTHING else you do for him. He will either pay up or leave. It is called 'Tough Love'.

SB RTON. Re son not paying rent. Do not cook, clean, wash or feed him. Do not allow him to take food from fridge or cupboard, no power for computer. Be blunt. Tell him if he wants these things then he has to pay if not ask him how much he would have to pay if he moved out.

FH WANDAL. To LM . Of course your son should pay board . Just because his friends sponge on their parents is no reason why he should do the same to you .

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