CARDIO isn't everybody's favourite activity, but it sure puts a spring in Megan Kaleidon's step.

The practice-manager of Rockhampton's iJump Fitness was featured at yesterday's CQ Sports and Health Expo at the Rockhampton Show Grounds.

The business holds aerobics classes on Kangoo-boots, specially designed spring loaded shoes to help users jump.

Megan said the sports and health expo was a great chance for everybody to find their fitness niche.

"It really is each to their own, people love different things," she said.

"This is for absolutely everybody, there's Crossfit, there's the golf club, there's Zumba. Not everybody is the's about finding what you love and doing something different."

Joining Megan's iJump Fitness stall was around 90 other exhibitors offering a variety of health and fitness tips and services; which ranged from yoga, to physiotherapy and bubble sports.

One particular fan of the Bubble Sport exhibit was 13-year-old Jayden Mills.

Jayden's mother, Chelsea Mills, said she took her three sons to the event to check out what's new.

"The boys do a lot of sport so it's nice to find new places to go to and where to get new products from," she said.

"Having three boys they are very active, so it's good to keep them busy...they were excited about the balls because they could beat each other up without getting into trouble."

She said all of her kids had been enjoying all the stalls at the event.

"They've been to the soccer; they quite enjoyed kicking the balls around the inflatable posts. They went on the surfboard, he didn't do very well but he had fun," she said.

"It's's nice to go to."

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