Queensland weather: Warning on heatwave conditions

MEDICAL professionals are urging Queenslanders to look out for the elderly this summer, with extreme heat posing serious health risks.

Daytime temperatures are predicted to exceed 40C this weekend, particularly in northwest areas of the state.

In the southeast, Brisbane can expect maximums up to 37C on Friday while Ipswich will reach 41C.

The Sunshine Coast's forecast maximum for Friday will be 35C and the Gold Coast 31C.

On Thursday the Gold and Sunshine coasts should reach 31C and 33C respectively, and Ipswich 39C.

Australian Medical Association Queensland president Dilip Dhupelia said heat stress affected older people more than anyone else.

"Extreme heat contributes to the death of more than 1000 people aged over 65 in Australia every year," Dr Dhupelia said.

"When we age, our bodies are not as good at maintaining a healthy temperature and certain medications can also inhibit the body from sweating which is how we cool ourselves down."

Symptoms of heat stress range from rashes, muscle cramps and hot, dry skin, to vomiting, confusion and heat stroke.

People over 65 are urged to stay hydrated, stay cool and pay attention to weather forecasts, particularly with temperatures over 37C.

Bureau of Meteorology's David Crock said a stagnant air mass would heat up north Queensland for the rest of the week.

"As we move towards the end of this week, we will see this heat push south to southeast Queensland; by the time we get to Friday in Brisbane City we'll be expecting 35C to 37C heat," Mr Crock said.


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