Heartbreaking pic of sick girl ‘kissing’ dad

A heartbreaking photo of a cancer-stricken four-year-old and her dad kissing through a glass window has been shared online to raise awareness for the importance of self-isolation.

Mila Sneddon is currently undergoing intensive chemotherapy after being diagnosed with leukaemia in November last year.

And as the ever-worsening spread of coronavirus continues to sweep across the globe, the British family made the brave decision to self-isolate separately in a bid to prevent their sick daughter from catching COVID-19.


Her parents Lynda, 36, and Scott, 50, decided the best way to keep their little girl safe was by self-isolating in different houses.

The mum-of-two shared a heartbreaking photo of Mila kissing her dad through the window.

Lynda explained how she shared the photo to social media to highlight the importance of social distancing.

She said: "I hope the picture makes people realise the importance of self distancing and stop ignoring the guidelines.

"It is difficult for us all but the longer people go out, the longer we will have to stay indoors and Mila is missing her daddy and sister.

"She feels anxious at bedtime knowing her dad and sister are not home, but his visits at the window make her happy.

"Despite everything that is going on, she remains a happy and funny little girl who jokes with her dad when he comes.

"She asks 'are you here to drop off the supplies?'

"They put their arms outstretched for an 'air hug' and blow kisses through the window."



The photo, which was taken on March 20, has been liked by over 44,000 people and shared 37,000 times.

Lynda added: "Scott, who is a service engineer, predominately works alone, but still comes into contact with people including getting the things we need from the supermarket so it is a risk we simply were not willing to take.

"They have both moved in with my parents for the foreseeable, but he still visits and communicates through the window over FaceTime and the phone.

"When he first came, Mila was confused and asked 'why can't daddy come in?' which upset us both.

"But after explaining we need to keep her healthy and protect her from germs that he could bring home, she understands.

"Mila is used to periods of isolation as are many parents with children who have compromised immune systems."


Lynda concluded how the coronavirus has made life at home more challenging than ever before, and worries about medics treating her.

"We are still trying to come to terms with it all and coronavirus has made it even more challenging," she affirmed.

"We are keeping her safe, but we worry about hospitals as there is limited testing and Mila still needs to attend for treatment - how do we know if medics haven't got the virus?"


Photos showing the devastating reality of the coronavirus situation have been going viral recently, with one snap of an elderly woman "in tears" in front of empty shelves in a Melbourne supermarket hitting a nerve among many.

The image demonstrated the heartbreaking consequences of people's panic buying behaviour, which has seen shelves in Australia - and supermarkets around the world - stripped bare.


Another photo posted at the start of March shared a similar sentiment, urging panicked shoppers to "pull your heads in" after showing the devastating impact of the toilet paper shortage.

This heartbreaking photo showed the brutal reality of the toilet paper crisis. Picture: Facebook/Justin Bowers
This heartbreaking photo showed the brutal reality of the toilet paper crisis. Picture: Facebook/Justin Bowers


Perth woman Justin Bowers shared the photo on Facebook, blasting shoppers across the country who had panic bought toilet paper out of fears a coronavirus pandemic could cause a shortage of supplies.

Ms Bowers said those still panic buying needed to "pull your f***ing head in" and think of the vulnerable people affected by the shortages.

"This absolutely broke my heart seeing this old man grabbing tissues because there was no toilet paper left!" Ms Bowers wrote.

It was shared by more than 36,000 and made global headlines around the world.

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